January 18, 2015

View Park Hotel's Red Lemon Grill and Adam's Cafe

Are you in search of tummy filling alternatives to your usual Tagaytay staple native restaurants? 

We came to know of View Park Hotel's Red Lemon Grill by accident as we were traversing Tagaytay-Calamba Road from 8 Suites, which was our Tagaytay home for the weekend.  

Red Lemon Grill is a modest restaurant operated by View Park Hotel.   The restaurant serves fusion Italian and Asian meals. 

Indoor sitting capacity is limited with added few outdoor benches for guests who would rather enjoy the Tagaytay's weather out in the open.

We were there on a Saturday night dinner.  And we were delighted to learn that they have an acoustic band that starts playing around 7pm.

We had chopsuey, calamares, lechon kawali (sorry, I forgot the name of the food my eldest ordered).  Everything was delicious.  Servings was hefty, yet well within budget. 

Their special chopsuey and melt in your mouth lechon kawali are highly recommended.

 We ended dinner  with brewed coffee, from Red Lemon Grill's adjoining coffee shop ~ Adam's Café.

Adam's brewed coffee was perfect against the chilling Tagaytay weather. 

  • Thumbs up for Red Lemon Grill and Adam's Café.
  • Everything we ordered tasted great and price was about half the costs compared to other nearby restaurants.
  • Coffee was also excellent.  I recommend Adam's Café as an easy alternative to the always full packed Bag of Beans.
  • Unfortunately, the restaurant has no view of the famous Taal Volcano. But that was okay, since our accommodation at 8 Suites already has a majestic view of Taal. 
Red Lemon Grill and Adam's Café  are located at
3500 Calamba Road, Sungay East, Tagaytay City
phone number: 584-4090

For additional inquiries you may also check View Park Hotel's website at www.viewparkhotel.com.


  1. Looks like a nice alternative to other well-known restos in Tagaytay.

  2. Thanks for sharing maybe next time will try this cafe

  3. We have tried one on the way to tagaytay but I forgot the name of the resto. I want to try their lechon!! Mouth watering lalo na kapag sobrang lambot!! Perfect for this kind of weather na malamig!! hehe

  4. The coffee looks tempting, perfect for cold weather. I wonder whats the specialty in Tagaytay.

  5. When I go blog hopping, I can't help but get hungry! lol! I've never been to this place, I'll keep this in mind when revisiting Tagaytay.


  6. It's nice to hear that the price is very affordable. :) I"ll take note of this the next time we take a trip there.

  7. Planning a trip to Tagaytay soon. Thanks for this food alternative!

  8. The first time I've heard of View Park Hotel was when I went to Blogapalooza two years ago. We never got a chance to try it out, though. Thanks for this review! I will remember to try Red Lemon Grill out the next time we head to Tagaytay.

  9. Melt-in-your-mouth lechon kawali? Oh my gosh, what punishing mental image for a dieter hahaha. I will try to visit this restaurant this summer!

  10. Got my eyes on the brewed coffee!

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