December 27, 2012

Its a Small World at HKDL

Girls and boys alike will have fun at HKDL's It's a Small World Attraction!!!
On board a boat, you'll be amazed by cute and adorable dolls from around the world.
My favorite ofcourse are the ones from Manila!

 Multi-cultural of dolls to fit everyones fancy, each beautifully made to represent people from the different countries of the world! 

I was sad to see the bye-bye sign!  Will be back soon.

November 29, 2012


We were so busy conquering HKDL, we forgot all about dinner.  The boys were so resourceful and found this corner bakery along HKDL's Main Road.
I was happy with what we have ordered.  Choice is varied and bread truly filling.  Hunger saver! 

The bakeshop's fascade.

November 24, 2012

Island Cove - Keeping Busy!

You will never be out of things to do at Island Cove
Techie family will surely have fun at the Cove's Interactive Room (gamers have a choice of Xbox, PS3, Wii). Your kids will never want to leave!

My family trying out the Xbox.  My hubby, seriously pondering on buying one :D
What about a game of billiards?

Paint ball target shooting - lots of fun for my boys! 



My youngest was amazed, by the size of this garden chess board :D  The pawns were taller and bigger than he is.  I think he is wondering how to take it home (hahaha!)


Tired boys heading towards the Island Cove Fishing Village for some chow time =P


Army Navy at Valero St. Makati

I finally gave in to my husband's prodding and had lunch at the Army Navy along Valero Street, Makati City

I am not a big burger fan, so I ended up ordering their fearless chicken.  My husband, meanwhile had Army Navy's double burger - a two quarter pounder beef patties burger with cheese and egg add ons and extra order of freedom fries.  Just writing about it, makes me feel full already.

Although we came early and there were no one in queue when we got there, it took a long time for them to deliver my order, my husband was half-finished with his BIG BURGER, when my order came.

The fearless chicken,  was just okay.  I was expecting something better.

It maybe unfair to pass judgement on service and food quality, since this is our first time at Army Navy.  But I would have to be honest that I was not at all impressed with the service nor the food I ordered  (maybe if I ordered burger my review would have been better). 

Place was also noisy and the crew calling orders (her voice not at all appealing - ala Matutina voice) via a microphone made the experience worse.  It made me feel like I was eating in a food court.
Would l go back?  I don't think so...

November 3, 2012

Ace Water Spa: A SPA-riffic Staycation

One need not travel far, to have some relaxing bonding time with the family.  

An advertisement on the newspaper led us to the newest staycation fad in the Metro - Ace Water Spa, Pasig

Ace Water Spa is a do-it-yourself, hydro-massage spa that uses "ultrasonic jet system" to massage specific pressure point areas of the body.  Like real massage it soothes and relaxes tired and stiff muscles, but since it is do-it-yourself, it is perfect for ticklish individuals like me :P

Ace Water Spa Suite ran a soft opening promo - A 20% discount on room accommodation with freebies got me to book a room for my family.  The promo included deluxe room accommodation, free spa tickets for 2, buffet breakfast for 2, additional 2 - P200 off coupons at the spa and wine. 

Upon check-in, however,  the nice hotel receptionist said we qualified for an additional night.  Apparently the first 100 bookings also get a night (room only) free.  What we initially thought was a 2D/1N staycation, turned out to be 3D/2N (I was like yeah!!).

The deal was a real steal! 

Ace Water Spa, Pasig fascade

Our room for 3D/2N

Our room was decent, clean and comfortable, however, there was a smell of cement-dust in the hallways, from the on-going constructions on the other floors (only 3 floors are servicing at the moment).  Bad for those with allergies. 

Bathroom was small, but adequate. 
We were however, not so crazy about this glass, see-through window that gives you a command view of the bathroom - not pretty!!!  

I hope they put up a pull down curtain or blinds.

My 4 year old has a fascination with luggage tables (hmm!)

Doors are keyless via a proximity card. 
Waiting for the elevator.

Breakfast is served at the Ace Coffee Shop located at the ground floor.  There were plenty of food options and most are quite healthy.  

The view from the Ace Coffee Shop

Some tips:
(1) They are quite strict on bathing suits/trunks. Normal cotton tops, would not stand the very high water pressure.  So better bring fitted suits to avoid any suit malfunction.
(2) Bring towel.  Rental cost is P150.
(3) You may take your towels/robes with you as you enter the spa, there are shelves near the pool were you can keep them. The walk from the bathroom heading towards the spa could be quite cold. 
(4) To get the most out of the Water Spa experience, come on a weekday, early morning or late night. The spa opens at 6am and closes at 11pm.
(5) Camera and food not allowed inside the spa.
(6) They do allow kids inside, but I would suggest you leave them behind if you want to make the most out of this relaxing experience. My four year old, was not very fond of the massages and my husband and I would have to take time off taking turns looking after my son in the kiddie pool. 

We simply love Ace Water Spa.

United St., cor. Brixton St.
near Pioneer, Pasig City

Trunkline Number: (02) 451.1111

October 29, 2012

Greenbelt Park Makati

Before plunging into shopping, take time off and admire the Greenbelt Park found inside the Greenbelt mall complex.
There are plenty of areas to seat and just do nothing, but admire the lagoon and the greeneries.
My son,  loving the place!

Want to do some fishing, alright!!!


The Safest Thrill Ride Invented

Time Zone's Fun Rider 5D is so cool!

My kiddos enjoyed the ride that seemed so real especially to my 4 year old's wild imagination.   

My four year old had so much fun, my eight year old begging for a fun rider horror ride...

There are plenty of theme rides to choose from - my boys got the Crazy Coaster. 

It was a 15 minutes thrill ride for the boys with lots of screaming and laughing -  the price was worth it.

Enjoy the Fun Rider 5D with your family at 
Glorietta 1, Ayala Center,  Makati City

October 28, 2012

Regina RICA, Tanay Rizal: Solemn Sanctuary

A prayer place situated in a 13.5 hectares of land, located in the province of Tanay Rizal is Regina Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia (RICA).
Regina RICA  is open from 8am to 5pm, except Tuesdays. Entrance is free.
Sunday mass schedule is at 1130am and 330pm.
While there, suggest you eat at the Pasilungan, where they serve resonably priced (approximately P100 for a value meal - rice, one vegetable viand and soup) delicious vegetarian meals.
  For those who prefer to bring in their own food, there are "bahay kubos" available for rent. 
They also sell Regina RICA products and mementos to raise funds for the continuous building of the community and various outreach programs for the needy. 
Our travel took about an hour and a half (including the casual stop over to ask for directions) from Taytay to Tanay. 
The way back from Tanay to Taytay took only an hour.
The community is not at all difficult to find and asking for directions wasn't a problem either, everyone seems to know where
Regina RICA sits.
We were welcomed to a gate guarded by two statues of saints and by a guard who nicely directed us to the site. 
Our attention quickly transferred to  a huge statue of our Lady on top of the hill.    
A gigantic statue of Our Lady.

Although the community is still under going construction (the church is still half built and there are a number of facilities which have not yet even begun building), already a feeling of order and peace transcend from the place.

I have taken very few pictures and this blog does not give justice to the beauty of Regina RICA.  You would have to go there to enjoy and feel for yourself the serenity this place provides, become one with nature and with God.
Along Marcos Highway, Sitio Aguho Sampaloc, Tanay
Contact No. (+02) 985.3878 / (+02) 401.2036
Mobile No. +639192694286 or +09192694286

October 20, 2012

Island Cove Zoo

I would like to start with a warning:
Although Island Cove Zoo's ground is quite huge,  there are very few animals around.  And there weren't much zoo keepers and greeters either. 
We had very little choice, but to tour the place on our own!
As the place is huge, I would suggest you bring your own car inside the zoo, instead of waiting for the free ride, which is a waste of your precious time.
The places of interest are pretty much scattered around,  if you have minimal time to spend I suggest you head straight to the Monkey Island.
My son, measuring his height vs. Mr. Ostrich and Mr. Crocodile!

Literally monkeying around :D

My hubby baby :)

Pretend time - "Cute boy wearing shades, swallowed by Mr. Lion" - Youch!!!

Inside the butterfly sanctuary,  too bad there weren't much butterflies to brag about,
good this bench is cozy!!!

Mr. Ostrich is  quite shy... =(
Buy bananas and feed the monkeys.  My boys had fun watching the monkeys race getting the bananas...

The tigers just finished eating, so as you can see it is now time for some R&R.


September 25, 2012

Mothers' Day Treat at Kimberly Hotel Tagaytay

We were looking for a quiet place to relax and enjoy Mothers' Day in Tagaytay and found just that in Kimberly Hotel.
The hotel is tucked some 3-4 minutes away Tagaytay's busy Aguinaldo highway. 
It is not crowded nor noisy, which means honest to goodness relaxation time for you and your family. 
We stayed in a premier room with 2 queen beds. 
Room is clean and lived up to our expectations. The free buffet breakfast was just okay for me, but my dad loved it and went back for more than his usual servings.

We were greeted by Mr. Crab.  My youngest was so thrilled to see it.  He got a little upset, when I told him I will be needing Mr. Crab in the bathroom soon.

The hotel has a pool.  The size was good enough, however, I was dismayed that it wasn't heated. 

The cold water ain't stopping my boys though!!!

There is a play ground at the back of the hotel. This kept my kids occupied for a full hour. 

Kimberly unlike most Tagaytay hotels has the luxury of space.  My kids enjoyed running around the well manicured lawn.

a better view of the play ground

There are so many things to do inside this hotel,  you need not leave the hotel to enjoy Tagaytay.  There is also a fitness and recreation center at the hotel's ground floor, which guests may use for free.
The hotels lobby is huge with high ceiling. 

with my boys and pretty balikbayan tita
We love Kimberly Hotel!
Hotel Kimberly TagaytayBrgy. Kaybagal, Amadeo Road
Tagaytay City, Philippines

Tel: (63-2) 521 1888
Fax: (63-2) 526 7270