February 29, 2012

Island Cove - Post Valentine Treat

This family loves to travel. We were at it again, heading for Island Cove, Binakayan Kawit Cavite over the weekend. 
Surprised how fast we reached Island Cove from Rizal. Believe it or not, it only took us approximately 45 minutes from Taytay to the Cove via private transport
(through C6 - C5 - Coastal - CavitEx), and on a weekend.

Lobby is spacious with plenty of sittings for your tots, while you settle with the receptionist...

A pretty lady statue guards the entrance to the hotel's break out room!  Very nice...

Two African Grey Parrots keep hotel guests entertained at a break out room of the Hotel's Lobby!

Plenty of sittings at the hotel lobby
Heading to our room
Cool - a pool right outside our room :P

Island  Cove Hotel and Leisure Park is located in  Binakayan, Kawit, Cavite. Please check their website for additional information http://www.islandcovephil.com .

February 27, 2012

Golden Spoon, Ayala Triangle

My kids hate yogurts, but when I brought them to Golden Spoon at Ayala Triangle,  was shocked they actually liked it.    I tried it myself and it honestly tasted like real ice cream - sweet and creamy!

Waiting for their shhh... ice cream :)

Yummy!  It was a big hit with my two kiddos...

See what I mean?  So love ice cream... Mama win!!!

Golden Spoon is located at the Ayala Triangle Gardens.  Store opens at 11am unitl 11pm (except of Friday and Saturday until 12mn).  For further inquiries you may contact 759-4160.

February 19, 2012

Alona Beach Panglao Bohol

ALONA in my mind....

ALONA BEACH is located in Panglao Bohol and happens to be one of its top beaches.
 According to the locals, the beach got its name from Alona Alegre,  a Filipina sexy actress from the 70's.  She must be so proud to have this piece of paradise named after her.

My boys strolling by the beach!

Postcard perfect view of the Alona Beach!

Ayala Triangle - Lights and Sounds

Family time at the Ayala Triangle, Makati CBD.

We were happy, we were able to catch the final show for 2011.  Apparently the night we came is already the last night of the Lights and Sound show. The Triangle was full packed and the restaurants by the strip were equally full sitting. 

My sister and her BF.

This is an amazing and worthwhile activity that your family is sure to enjoy. 
The Ayala's must spent a fortune putting up such a spectacle.

I hope they do this on an annual basis.


February 18, 2012

Island Hoping in Bohol

Three words - sun, water and sand!!!

Beautiful Balicasag

First in our itinerary is Balicasag Island.  BALICASAG ISLAND is a dive island, and is for a fact named as one of the best dive resorts in the country.   The sand, however, is quite rocky (with broken sea shells), if you are not careful could end you with a date Mr. Betadine.  It was good we came prepared and got everyone beach shoes. 

Scavenging  the sea shore!!!

Kuya, loving the beach!

My son,  insisted he bring his beach toys all the way from Manila. 
It saved me a few hundred pesos.  The only place to get beach toys here is at Alona Beach, which is quite expensive.

Crystal clear!

We left Balicasag early, since we were not enjoying the beach as much and decided to go to our next island VIRGIN ISLAND.

It was still low tide and quite difficult to navigate the boat. The corals and sea rocks were just a few feet deep and one wrong move,  might cause the bottom of the boat to hit one of those rocks or corals :C  underneath.

Finally Virgin Island in sight!

 VIRGIN ISLAND is one of the many islands  in Bohol.  It is a lovely crescent shape island bar.  I  My family liked this one, better than Balicasag.  Sand is so fine, we just had to take of our beach shoes.

The 1/2 jump shot!  We tried and tried,  but alas... :(

Star fishes abound in Virgin Island

Goodbye walk :(

So sad we had to leave so soon. 

February 15, 2012

Bohol Dophin Watching and Balicasag Island

For Day 3 of our Bohol Escapade,  we booked a Dolphin Watching and Island Hoping Package tour.

The tour included:
(1) Dolphin Watching
(2) Trip to Balicasag Island
(3) Round trip  boat transfers with guide
(4) Seafood lunch
(5) Snorkeling and fish feeding (if you are up for it) - I personally find this portion of the tour a little dangerous. Guest will be boarded a paddle banca for a 5-10 minutes ride to the Marine Sanctuary.  I was stunned to see  7-8 pax fit inside such a small both (without life vest)!

(6) Visit to Virgin Island - I liked this part of the tour best...

Prepping!  Life saver - check; Binocular - check!!!
Darn, I forgot to bring my PSP!!!

Water, water every where!

I think I see one Paps!!!

My son, getting excited over the dolphins!

It was difficult to get a good view of the Dolphins.  I can't blame them, they were about 8 boats running after them.  It seems as if we were Dolphin Chasing over Dophin Watching.

There are lots of cheap Dolphin Watching and Island Hoping tours at the jump off point in Alona Beach.  Instead of booking this tour through your hotel, you can actually get it cheaper at Alona Beach directly. 

If you can choose a boat, suggest you choose one thats new and that would sail fast, if you want a good glimpse of those Dolphins!!!  

Pasalubong Shopping in Bohol

If you are looking for a one-stop shop in Bohol, where you can do all your pasalubong shopping,  I suggest you head for APRONIANA  SOUVENIR SHOP.  It is located in Taguihon, Baclayon, Bohol and is about 15 minutes away from Baclayon Church.

They have a wide selection of pasalubong merchandise:  all things tarsier, Bohol shirts, caps, shorts, delicacies, ornaments, native hats, purse, bags... I could go on and on!

Standing in front of the souvenir shop.

My son checking the merchandise. 

Kuya without a care  - busy with his PSP!

Got to sit down, all the shopping making us tired!!!

February 12, 2012

A Date with Tarsiers!

My family just adored these small creatures.  They are so cute and small!  They look like stuff toys.

The Philippine tarsier is one of the smallest primates  know to man 
(It is in fact, no bigger than the size of an adult fist).
They eat insects for food and is more active at night, which goes to explain why this one here, was sleeping when we got there.

My son's first Tarsier encounter!

My husband and eldest son, goofing around.

For more information visit:
The Philippine Tarsier Foundation, in Corella, Bohol or their website at  http://www.philippinetarsier.org/.

Bohol Country Side Tour - Part II

The LOBOC RIVER CRUISE is the highlight of our Bohol Country Side Tour!  We feasted on an eat-all-you can buffet lunch on board the cruise, while our eyes explored the beautiful Loboc River - all for P400 (we paid P800, the kids were free of charge). Every penny was worth it.

What to expect:

(a)  Buffet lunch (with one round of soft drinks)
(b)  On cruise entertainment (Boholanos are very good musicians)
(c)  Cruise along the Loboc River
(d)  Mini-cultural presentation (mid-way the Loboc River)

One of the many floating restaurants,  cruising the Loboc River
Choosing the restaurant could be a bit tough!  There were plenty to choose from.

The boarding platform could be a bit slippery.  Be careful with your steps.

The Main Event (Buffet Lunch).  I suggest you come early and eat before the Cruise begins, so you could enjoy the scenery better.

TIP: For the best view,  get the front most seats!

The Loboc River, pretty amazing :)

One of the local tourists shows the cultural dancers, the right way to do Tinikling!

 If visiting Loboc Bohol,  suggest you check out Loboc tourism website at www.lobocboholtourism.com.