November 22, 2014

Relaxing Stay at 8 Suites Tagaytay

It was a busy work week for me and hubby and needed a quick get-away haven to relax and unwind.

So we got ourselves, what seemed to be a perfect deal from a group buying site and before we knew it: our bags were packed and we were dragging the kids off to 8 Suites by Fat Jimmy in Tagaytay.

Traffic was light and we reached our destination just in time for the 2pm check-in.  There were no visitors when we came in and for a moment it felt like being welcomed to our own vacation home (libre mangarap).

8 Suites is a bit far-off Tagaytay City proper. It is difficult to reach without your own transportation, which also meant it was heavenly peaceful and tranquil. 

 We were pleasantly surprised at how beautiful 8 Suites is. 

And its location overlooking Taal Lake was enough reason to choose this place and stay.

As the name suggests, this bed and breakfast place only has 8 rooms. There are 3 room types: deluxe, superior and premier. 
We were ushered to a deluxe room, with 2 queen sized bed that can fit 4 adults comfortably. 

Our room has a balcony that overlooks the majestic Taal Volcano ~ I would honestly not mind to just laze around and do nothing with this view.

Our deal came with breakfast, which we opted served at the dining area.   We can't say much about the food as they were just okay.  But that was forgivable, as we did not come here for the food anyway - It was no big deal.     

  • It is a bit costly, but the view is really breathtaking.  If you can get your hands on promos, don't think twice.
  • The room we stayed in, is decent and clean. Aircon worked well and the water temperature and pressure were very good.

  • Food is average. If you want decent meals, you can head to nearby restaurants 5-10 minutes away 8 Suites.  I highly recommend Morielli's and Red Lemon Grill.

  • There are no hotel amenities. No recreational activities, game rooms, swimming pool or gym. You can, however, borrow DVDs from the reception area or lounge by the balcony.

We left 8 Suites refreshed and rested. 
We will definitely be back.


Lot 7, Ridge View Subdivision,
Barangay Iruhin, Tagaytay City
Manila Office (T : 655-0194 / M: 0922-8753088)
Tagaytay Office (M: +63(922)874-4088)


  1. This looks like a very nice place to spend a day off from work! I mean, these kind of hotels make you just rest and enjoy the view. It's good that they didn't really have much amenities so it won't distract you from your day's off.

    I've checked the rates and it is really pricey! But it seems you guys had fun and you were really able to rest and enjoy each other's company then it's worth it. :)

  2. at least you got what you came for which is to rest ... :) I'd recommend View Park next time.

  3. Wow! Such a nice place. I am so much itching to have a mini vacay also. It's been a while.


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