October 4, 2009

Jibril Turned One


Not bad for a party of 250++++ (lost track, we occupied the entire Congo Grille, El Pueblo branch… pati sa labas may bisita kami), I only spent P32,000 on food! There were a few snags (like my additional orders came in a little late and one of the kids chairs snapped), but the accommodating staff compensated for the minor troubles. I was fuming over the late additional orders, pero they were still nice.

Spacious and free parking (you just need to have your parking stub validated.
Medyo nainitan ako, pero baka ako lang. None of our guests complained.
Was not able to taste the food we ordered, we were so busy entertaining guests. By the time the party ended it was time for dinner – so my husband and myself ordered dinner nalang.
Staff were helpful. They helped set up the place for us.
There were so many staff attending – was not able to count them all, I am guessing 15+.

YAN-PLE (8.5)
Got from her Candy Cart, Balloon Burst and Pinata.
The candy cart was a hit with kids and adults alike. I think this is sulit for P2000 for 8 candy variants good for 100.
I checked the candies – they were good brands.
Balloon Burst was a hit among mommies and daddies – parang mga nanalo sa lotto.
The piƱata was a personalized lion head. It was ok, but not a real hit like my balloon burst and candy cart.
BTW, I am happy Apple was there early. Saved me one less worry. Apple also helped with some of the decorating.

Another sulit find. For a 6 galloon I only paid P1500.
Manong was there early too like Yan-ple. Everybody had his/her fill of ice cream meron pa din lahat ice cream cart ni manong.
Sarap ice cream ng Del Mundo. The owner is a good friend of my cousin so I know they are clean. And masarap din.

ANF (almost 10)
JAP the face painter / glitter tattoo artist is so good at what he does. Lahat – bata, matanda, pati baby ko pumila for a face paint!
JAP came in a little late. Mga 3 minutes lang naman, but for a mommy celebrating his kids 1st bday – those 3 minutes were ngarag moments. But when I saw what he can do, forgot about his being late. It would have been a 10+ if he came in a little earlier. Still highly recommended and ANF!!!
It’s a real sulit package!

PETE THE CLOWN (Got him through Congo Grille) (10 with a lot of TAWA)
He is so funny and super galing in doing magic.
Friends commended his performance. Kala nila expensive kuha ko sa kanya.
He has unique and fun game ideas.
He was able to hold a crowd of 250+ and everyone even mommies and daddies were participating.
He is good. Also highly recommended.

PHOTOS and VIDEO – c/o Tito Jeff and Tita Ella (perfect 10 syempre… labor of love!) They skipped merienda and finished the party before eating with me and my hubby. Thanks Tita and Tito.

I got everything from DIVI! I bought 55 set backpack bags (Ben 10, Winnie the Pooh and Dora). For the loot I got stationery set, matching wallet, stickers, coloring books and crayos. Cost per bag is approximately P55.

Really affordable. I got 10 inches round moist cake in Jungle Theme, plus 50pcs cup cakes all for P1,500.
Cake was sarap. My husband does not like cakes, but had second serving of Iko’s.
Pinag-agawan even the cup cakes and heard good feeds from the mommies too.
The baker – JON called me up personally one week before our party to confirm ur requirement and design.
They readily customized for us. No additional cost!
I saw a picture in the net tapos pinakopya ko lang. The copy was much better than the picture I showed them.

They did Jibril’s BIRTHDAY TARP. Again super affordable!!! For lay out and printing I only paid P700+. Cost is only P17/ft. That’s cheap and yet quality wise ganda ng printing nila, better than most I have seen around.
· Jennelle and Thonie were very nice and accommodating.
· Mabilis din sila gumawa.
· Francis the owner entertained us also. He happened to pass-by kasi while we were inquiring.

Jibril’s invitation is also a labor of love. Lay out was done by Tito JV from US. I just had it printed here at P6/pc.

Jibril’s is sooo cute in his lion cub costume. This also came from the US c/o Tito JV. Thanks Tito.

Here is a link to Jib's party pictures:

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