May 25, 2013

MEMORY LANE chuvaness

Memory Lane is a country diner, mini boutique and beauty salon rolled into one! 
It is owned by actress-singer Jolina Magdangal ~ I can just imagine, how busy this place must have been during Jolina's heyday. 
The place is located along Magallanes Drive, Tagaytay City and could be a little difficult to find since it is tucked a few miles away from the busy main road.

The diner is cute and cozy, however, since it is also parlor and a gift shop, I found it quite overwhelming.  Not to mention the various knick-knacks from the 50s to 70s era that adorned the place. 

the entrance
the diner

wooden bird houses
the gift shop

movie posters from the yester years
We ordered salpicao, seafood hotpot and fried banana split ice cream for dessert.

Food was on the pricey side, but it was okay since my boys  finished their meal!
My boy gamely poses by the garden.
Cute!  Unfortunately not for sale :(


My hubby was a bit disappointed, Jolina was not around when we came that day. He would just have to be contented with this Jolina look alike mannequin (hindi talaga pinatawad - hahaha!).

Very relaxing!

Canyon Cove Beach Nasugbu ~ Fun! Fun! Fun!

My family enjoys barefeet strolls along warm fine beach sand.  We can spend hours just gazing on the beach and people walking by.
... And did just that when during our Canyon Cove overnight!
Water was warm and inviting...
My boys came prepared and brought their beach toys with them.

Play time!

Loving the sunset!

Rowilda's Abel Iloco

Abels are Ilocos regions's traditional wooven textile made from yards of cotton. 
Abel textiles are produced into blankets, bedsheets, pillow cases, washcloths table napkins, bags and purses, table runners... the list goes on!
You can get your abel from the Vigan public market or Calle Crisologo. 
Since I wanted to see first hand how abels are made,  I just have to get mine from one of the local weavers Rowilda's at barangay Camanggaan.
Prices are just about the same in Calle Crisologo, unless you are buying in bulk. 

I bought table napkins, wash clothes and blankets for pasalubong, however, when we reached Manila, I can't seem to part with abel buys.  I decided to keep them all (hahaha).  The blankets are well made and very soft ~ I regret not buying more! 

May 22, 2013

Momarco Resort's Mini Zoo

My Momarco Resort day tour ended with a visit to Momarco's mini zoo...
There were very few animals, limited to a boa snake...

 various birds...

koi fishes...

The zoo is indeed mini, but is very good add on especially if you have kids tagging along.
Now for the going home pose :P

Uno Grille Vigan

I have very high expectations of Uno Grille in Vigan.  The very good reviews I have seen on the net were indeed quite promising.  Unfortunately, my first hand experience was far from satisfactory. 
We came in past lunch time, a little after 1:30pm, but there were still  a number of guests coming in - I think that would very well explain, why the waiters and attendants were running all over the place and service was quite slowwwww...
 Service: Poor
We came in such a bad time. The only place left for us to occupy is a table underneath a tree.  There is a makeshift net that blocks the tree leaves from falling down on our food.  However, it was not as effective on falling insects. 
Ambiance:  Felt like I was gate crashing to someones birthday party.

We ordered the Vigan staples poki-poki, Vigan longanisa and bagnet! 
VERDICT: Over rated! Price was okay, but food wasn't great!   
Eating is a social experience, especially if you are eating in scenic Vigan.
In this case, we were just glad we were finally served, we ate and went our way.
 Uno Grille Restaurant is located at
 1 Bonifacio Street, Vigan City

Momarco Resort's Playground

A trip to Momarco Resorts turned into a kiddo's day out for my kids. 
My boys, especially my youngest is crazy about playgrounds.  He was so excited when he found out Momarco has one.  Right after we have settled in our cottage, he begged for a visit to the playground. 
My youngest is a social butterfly.  I wasnt long until he found some one to play with.

My turf!  Yeah!!
Alone again!  My friend just left :C

Oh well... swing-swing nalang!!!
Please check out also my complete review of Momarco Resorts, Tanay. 

May 19, 2013

It's a Small World

I love dolls!  A visit to Hong Kong Disneyland's "It's a Small World" attraction was my kind of thing.  I am not really sure, however, if my boys enjoyed the show as much as I did :P
The set up was just amazing!  There must have been hundreds of dolls making up these collections. 
The dolls (wearing costumes representing nationalities of people from the different parts of the world) twirl and dance around an elaborate podium with cultures and customs of  various countries and continents around the globe as backdrop.


My favorite part of the show is ofcourse the Filipino dolls dancing to a Tagalized version of "It's A Small World".

I was sad to see the "Paalam" signage!   I honestly wanted more... :C

Disney on Parade

How could one miss the highlight of the Hong Kong Disneyland tour? 
The Disney on Parade is such a joyous experience,
 that transport young and the young at hearts to a magical place of princes and princesses, talking animals and adventurous toys.

the band members are mostly Pinoys :)

of the princesses, i liked ariel the most!

My youngest loves the toy story gang
royalty celebrities Mickey and Minnie!
cute balloons for the kiddos...

that is Dumbo..!
Minnie looked jovial in this gown.

My son was happy to see Pluto.

The Lion King float.


My son's favorite Disney character - BUZZ!!!

The mood was festive and jovial! An experience your family will surely remember through the ages...