May 24, 2014

Marooned in Mabilao Pangasinan for 3days and 2 nights

... the good kind of stranded...
I knew I should have just booked a night, I don't know what pushed me to reserve two.  Our trip was on a Holy Week and the resort was a little off the poblacion, so there was very little happenings. 
But it was okay, it was fun bonding with my kiddos, who obviously doesn't mind we weren't doing anything so long as we were together (I so love these boys)!
We stayed at Happy Ripples Resort, in the far away Magbilao Pangasinan, booked via Agoda (which is how I would normally book hotels). Do keep in mind that this is a basic resort and not a luxury hotel.  For the price we paid (with free breakfast),  this resort is actually a very good find! 
Happy Ripples is located right next to the beach, it was perfect for my sand addicted kiddos. The sand, although not powdery white like Boracay, was fine enough for early morning or late afternoon  barefoot (even for my boys) beach strolls.

  • We were welcomed to a studio room with two double beds (fits four medium size adults comfortably). The place was decent and clean, however, there were no standard toiletries offered (just soap and shampoo).
  • Beds were just okay, none of my boys complained (but then my boys are cowboys, and I am a queen, so I felt much better using my own linens. It was good I brought one). I think they were so tired with their beach frolicking they automatically shifted to sleep mode, right after they went to bed.
  • Electricity was a bit of a problem, fluctuates every now and then affecting the air-conditioning (will not cool in the afternoon, but it was very cold at night - so it was again just okay since we were out beach bumming day time).
  • There is a TV in our room, but no cable. Reception was also poor we only get two channels (hahaha)!
  • Pool is small, but I think just right for a resort with only 10+ rooms. 

  Cell signals (Smart, Globe and Sun) were bad from our room, but works well from their view deck, were you get perfect view of the sunset. 
 Food was not superb, but was good and plenty. 
 We could take our meal anywhere in the resort we wish, we would almost always have it up the view deck of course.
The fact that there only limited rooms was great since there were not very many people. We were there on a Holy Week and were so happy we have the beach stretch just to ourselves (and a very few others) unlike the resorts nearby, swarming with people and hawkers.
A 3 days hiatus from gadgets and computers.  
It was just the beach, each other and our  imagination.

This resort is perfect for some peaceful family bonding time.
P.S. The waves in this side of Pangasinan gets really rough.  I do not recommend for families with very small children. 
Happy Ripples Beach Resort is located in
Mabilao, San Fabian, Pangasinan.
Landline: (075) 560-2076;  Mobile: 0918.529.6979, 0943.709.1667; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

BDJ Box - SUMMER Radiance (May 2014)

I am so having a difficult time deciding between BDJ BOX and GLAMOURBOX, I like better...  I have so much fun opening both I just can't choose a pick!

(Wait this can't be right?  The beauty size is about 2-3 inches tad longer than the average box size!)

I hurriedly scrambled through the package wrapping and was dumbfounded to see, a pair of Salvatos Folding Flipflops.  This item alone costs (P890 a pair) more than what I paid for when I subscribed for this beauty box. The flip flops I got are special (foldable, portable and comfty).  I was really happy, they were just my size. Wonderful gift indeed!

For this month, BDJ put on products to bring back a gal's radiance after hours of beach bumming and tanning under the sun.

The box contains six (6) items and six (6) vouchers.
  • Organix (all organic, all natural) Hair Care set - 13oz. bottle of shampoo and conditioner; and 3.3 oz. oil  costs P499 each.  I got a box of sachet sized shampoo, conditioner and essential oil. The product looks promising, if only they come in full sizes, these would have been perfect.
  • Dermal Sheet Mask - 2 sheets, cost P140per sheet.  These are similar to the ones you see in Watson's.  These are useful. If I were at Watson's and feels my face needs some moisturizing I would definitely pick-up a pack or two of these. 
  • Too Cool for School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack - 100ml costs P689; This I would definitely try.  The gift guide says it moisturizes and exfoliates, while shielding your face from dryness. Cool!
  • Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Lotion - 100ml costs P120 and Godiva LicoWhite Antiperspirant Deodorant - P40ml costs P79.  These were also in sachets. I am naturally fair-skinned so I was not really excited about these items.  However, I am willing to try the antiperspirant deodorant.
  • Revlon Colorstay Nail Enamel - 11.7ml cost P325.  I got two fun colors (sorbet and delicious). The delicious red is a bit too over the top for me, but the sorbet peach is just about my style. 
Included in the box are six (6) vouchers:

  • Avon Belle Underwire Custom Cleavage Dream Brassiere - valued at P599; I have seen it on Avon's latest brochure and it looks really sexy on actress-model Isabelle Daza, but I am not fond of wearing underwire brassieres as they tend to be uncomfortable at times.  Will see once I have claimed the item.
  • I Do Nails - Free P300 Add-on for every manicure and pedicure
  • Bifestta - P100 off on all Bifesta Cleansing Lotion All Variants
  • Lucido - P50 off on all Lucido-L Variants
  • Dr. CRB - 50% off on Re-shape Ultra or Caci Non-surgical Face Lift
  • Professional Artist Cosmetics (PAC) - Makeover voucher worth P1,500
Except for the Avon and PAC vouchers, the other would probably end donated.

Let's see, that is about P2000 worth of beauty items, I would actually use, plus my P890 flip flops.  Just wow!!!