January 11, 2015

Senorita Cafe at Robinson's Antipolo

Let us just say, me and hubby enjoys having coffee to end our meals.  Unfortunately, Robinson's Antipolo, having just opened recently has very few food outlets available to choose from.

Located at the Robinson's Antipolo ground floor is Senorita CafĂ©.  It is a small coffee shop serving real affordable and surprising delicious pastries. 

Senorita is semi-self service.

You have an option to select through their wide selection of pastry spread, (which slightly reminded me of a tea/coffee buffet served at New World Hotel in Makati) or by placing your order at the cashier.

I had so much fun at the pastry spread table, I think I over ordered!
We had cheese cake, tarts and brewed coffee for less than P250.

Oh, what sweet temptations!



  1. Cool! There really are a lot of coffee shops around that improved on their menu and services.

  2. We also love coffee and desserts. our meals are never complete without these two :)

  3. Are those cheesecakes? Very tempting indeed! I can't eat too much sweets pa naman hehe

  4. Definitely a sweet temptation! yum!!

  5. I miss having desserts! I'm still on a no dairy and egg diet. We don't really go up to Antipolo, but maybe we should!

  6. Wow really affordable. :) i love the pastry area nakakaover order nga yan.

  7. Those tarts look delicious and very affordable!


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