February 25, 2013

Las Casas de Acuzar - Paseo de Excolta

Behind the old building fascade, Paseo de Escolta in Las Casas de Acuzar is actually a modern and comfortable hotel.
We stayed in a  Studio deluxe room, which was elegantly decorated,  showing off the owner's good taste in interior decoration.   
The bathroom was huge and has a separate shower and tub, with running hot and cold water.
It was almost perfect if not for the noisy upstairs guest (and my vivid imagination of ghosts of the original owners of the houses running around the resort, but that is just me).  For more a peaceful night, I suggest that you take an upstairs Studio loft.
Overall satisfaction factor is 7.5 out of 10.

The room has a balcony that open up to a view of the Plaza.
View of the Plaza that transforms into a stage to various cultural presentations late afternoon.

Las Casas de Acuzar - Batis inspired pool

The closest my kids will ever get to a batis :P

Las Casas' batis inspired pool is really amazing.  My kids were quite excited to take a dip into the batis-pool from the moment they saw it.

It was picture perfect wherever we lay our eyes on.

Batya at palo-palo na lang ang kulang
They were equally excited to learn what a batis is and hear stories of how grandma used to wash clothes in a batis.
The view from the pool was just as magnificent!
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Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar - A step back in time!

The view across is the infamous Bataan Nuclear Power Plant
It took us about four (4) hours to get here, but it was all worth it.  Las Casas literally transported us back in time.

Las Casas Filipinas in Bagac Bataan is home to centuries old houses restored to their former splendor and glory by the owners of the resort. 

Welcome to Las Casas

View of the Las Casas' Paseo de Escolta's hotel from the Plaza
Breath taking sunset view from one of the old houses we toured...

Lola Basyang Statue

Picturesque right?

The Pavillion adored by cute cherubims - want to take home!!!

Our home for the night Paseo de Escolta
The Las Casas package comes with a one hour historical walk around its cobbled stone streets.  The tour  was both entertaining and educational.  My kiddos were really listening to each of the houses' colorful past, as they run around the huge resort's ground.
Tour time!
Want to bring home a chicken!
I recommend Las Casas, if you are looking for a worthwhile trip where your family can have fun and an appreciation of his heritage and culture.

Las Casas Sales & Reservations Office:
Telephone Nos.: (+63 2) 332.5338, (+632) 355.3032
Fax No.: (+63 2) 332.5286