October 17, 2014

Ready, Aim, SMILE and SHOOT!

Have you ever heard of Purpose Driven Photography
Purpose Driven Photography is the life blood of Imagine Nation Photography Inc.   It is using ones given talent in photography for the greater glory of God. It may sound cliché or melo-dramatic for some, But really, what good is there in  taking beautiful photos if these are empty and there is no heart in them?

Imagine Nation Photography and it's sister company Wang Videography offer video and photography services that commits to help you remember cherished occasions, as extra special.   

(pictures courtesy of imaginenationphoto.com website)

Behind these beautiful and exquisite photographs is a group of gifted individuals, whose passion for photography and love of God has bonded them together.    
Through their apprenticeship programs, they heartedly teach photography skills to aspiring photographers; and beyond that the attitude and character that come with the skills.

Now for my impromptu photo:

This is true happiness!  
You don't just see it,  you feel it
and know that I am sincerely happy.  
Thanks Rochelle!  You guys are awesome.  
* * * * *
For your special occasions or if you are simply interested in one of their purpose driven photography workshops,  I recommend  services from Imagine Nation Photography and Wang Videography.  

Check out their website at http://imaginenationphoto.com/system/


Contact Ms. Roch Palmiano  
0917-5634585 / 713-7189

October 16, 2014

Hoodie Jackets, Anyone?

I was on a hunt for customized-matching hoodies for my boys, and I was so excited seeing Authority Hoodies (AH) at the last Blogapalooza event.

AH is an online store specializing on specially crafted hoodies/jackets and plushies.  

I was instantly gravitated to their booth.  On display are hoodies, inspired by comic, anime, famous movies and game characters. 

How groovy is that?  

AH hoodies are well, with an apparent attention to details. P The materials used are also of very good quality. These hoodies  resemble the inspiration-character perfectly, but still classy and not over the top!

Check these out!

I know right? These hoodies are so #sexycool!  My boys will go gaga over these hoodies for sure. 

For inquiries, check them out in facebook~Authority Hoodie.

October 15, 2014

Are you a Boardgames Enthusiast?

Before Xbox, Wii and Playstation, boardgames used to fill and rule our family weekends.  I treasure boardgame moments, shared with my siblings.  We love Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess and Cluedo.  It was always fun to score better than Ate and Kuya and get a weeks bragging rights for winning!

Some of the sample games among the multitude of boardgames GL sells.   

At the Gaming Library, you can relive those memories with your own family.  The Gaming Library sells hard to find; latest and novelty boardsgames online.     

The Gaming Library is an online store, that supports Open Gaming Meet, where everyone can have a fun day of board gaming. They teach you new games and provide demo copies, so you don't need to pay for anything. You get to try out their products, before purchasing!
Please visit their online shop and check for yourself <<< THE GAMING LIBRARY and Let the games begin!!!

October 12, 2014

Blogapalooza for First Timers!

Christmas came early to all bloggers who attended the second annual BLOGAPALOOZA  at SM Aura last October 11.
The event was literally pouring freebies, gift certificates
(and eco-bag...hehehe...)...
It feels so right to be a legit blogger!
I have posted below some of my goodies and loots,
I am so happy and excited! 
There are truly generous sponsors this year...
I carried about 6-8 eco-bags full, plus a golf umbrella tucked in my arms
(Note to self:  bring hubby next time - to carry my stuffs ofcourse)! 
Here are some of my favorites, will be writing about each one soon.

L-R/T-B: Ideal Vision (the VIP card would definitely come in handy), Easy Taxi (I really am interested in knowing  more about Easy Taxi - never know when I'll need one), Bioessence (I got to keep myself pretty and sexy, I must give the Premium Pass: back massage/facial a try), Sample Room (Sample Room obviously prepared for us bloggers, pretty-pretty loot bags, so cute, I didn't want to open and ruin the packing)
L-R/T-B: Zomato (your guide to discovering new restaurants), Flawless (was really generous giving away stem cell night serum and stem cell day cream, I guess I would be testing those pretty soon), Gaming Library (I really recommend board game lovers to check this one out - I was really amaze with their unique game board products) and the delicious House of Lasagna.   
L-R/T-B: Ace Water Spa (I swear by far is the best relaxing staycation I have done in Manila), Acer (recommended for affordable and reliable computer products), Crocs (oh check out their new retro sneakers, so cute) and so much more...!
It was so much fun, I wished I can just keep on going (haiz, if not for these aching feet)!

Feeling somewhat like a celebrity (Sorry I can't help, but post of picture of me with Allison Harvard's standee - pwede na rin)!

It was true blogger treat not to be missed.  I am very thankful and blessed to be a part of this year's event.
More power to BLOGAPALOOZA and it's organizers: rockstars: Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet and Vince Golangco of When in Manila!!!
TIPS (from a first time Blogapalooza attendee):
(a) Bring a friend who doesn't whine (all those goodies gets heavy overtime, an extra pair of hands would come on handy).
(b) Bring business cards (business cards screams you mean business), it would save you the trouble of having to right your name a couple zillion times (okay, I was exaggerating, about 20 or so time).
(c) Wear comfortable and yet presentable clothing.  Some sponsors requires some physical activity, for additional premium prizes and still need to look good as there are lots of souvenir picture taking happening around!
(d) Seize the moment - enjoy and have fun!   




Dare to be ZAPPED!

Rewards and Loyalty program in one, indeed ZAP tag is the coolest thing to hit the Metro!

How else can you get up to 50% Cash Back on your purchases in your beloved stores, restaurants and even movie houses.

I love the fact that it is so easy to use, just tap and earn.

Dare to be ZAPPED <<<< Click here now!

and start your spearning (spending and earning)!

Among the listed accredited Zap merchants to date includes:

Draft Gastropub
Banana Leaf
Pepper Lunch
Happy Lemon
Red Mango
Mrs. Fields
Greenhills Cinema

October 10, 2014

Cordlife Philippines...one chance, one choice

What would one not do, to cure an ailing dear child or help prolong a loved one's life?

In 2009, I was a young mother to a very sick 5 month old baby, stricken with a deadly staph pneumonia, he contracted due to a weak immune system.   My husband and I wept and prayed incessantly for months while my son fought for his life.  My son is well now, but that nightmare is still fresh in my mind.

It hurts me, when I hear news of friends and acquintances dying of cancer and a multiple of other dreaded diseases.  It is painful to see some one you know succumb to a disease.  
But that need not be the case anymore, since now, hope and chances of recovery has increased. With the latest technology and advances in medical researches, surviving has been a possibility more than ever.  

There are now new cures. 

Cord blood stem cells harvested from a new born's umbilical cord have been used successfully to treat more than 70 different life threatening diseases, from cancers to blood disorders, immune deficiencies. These stem cells can develop into other types of cells, so they can help repair tissues, organs, and blood vessels, which can be used to treat various diseases.

Today, Filipinos can now benefit from these cures, with Cordlife Philippines offering the unique and highly advance service of banking your babies' stem cell rich cord blood.

If you can afford it,  seize the one chance to save your baby's cord blood.

For more information, download Cordlife's FREE infopack @ www.cordlife.ph or call them at (02) 332 – 1888.