December 30, 2014

Museums - We Love!

We love museums,  I was reading through my blog and realized that we have a lot of museum posts to date:





SINGAPORE DAY 5 (Singapore Zoo)

Warning:  This place is huge.  It is so expansive, a day is not enough to get the most out of Singapore Zoo.

Note: If zoos are in your itinerary, I suggest getting park hopper tickets online via the Singapore Zoo website for purchase discounts. We saved the confirmation vouchers on our phone, which we used to enter the zoo.  The ticket came with unlimited tram ride.

  • 8am -We left the hotel early via taxi (SGD25) for the 9am Breakfast with the Orangutans at Ah Meng Restaurant (Note: If you intend to avail of the Breakfast with the Orangutan, please reserve online. Payments are made direct at the restaurant prior to seating). 
  • 9am - Arrived at the Singapore Zoo and hurried to Ah Meng.  (Note: It is still about 2-3 minutes walk from the main entrance, so please come early to avoid rushing).

We skipped lunch and instead had ice cream at Ben and Jerry's.

  • 4pm - Left the zoo and went back to base to rest our tired feet.
  • 6pm - Pizza Hut, Lucky Plaza for Christmas Dinner. Lucky Plaza is short 5-8 minutes walk from our hotel. 
  • 7pm - The boys retired early and left me at Lucky Plaza for last minute "pasalubong" shopping at Lucky Plaza.  Our Day 6 to 8 will be at Sentosa and I doubt I would be able to get my shopping done from there.
Good buys at Lucky Plaza:
  • nail cutter key chains - 6 pcs for SGD10
  • t-shirt - from SGD12 per piece (very good material)
  • paper fan - 3pcs for SGD10
  • assorted pens - 3 sets (5 per set) for SGD10
  • chocolates (Chocolates are surprisingly cheap here at Lucky Plaza. No they are not fake.). 
For Giordano items, the deals were best at the airport.  They have buy 1, take 1 promo, while we were there.

Missed due to traffic and difficulty of getting transfers:
  • China Town was part of the original itinerary, but I had to drop due to difficulty in getting a taxi. We would have taken a bus or the MRT, but we did not bought EZlink / pass as we didn't consider MRT or public bus transportation (Maxwell Hawker Center, Buddah Tooth Relic, Sri Mariammam Temple, China Town Heritage Center). 

Promise to self:  
China Town will be part of my next visit to Singapore!

SINGAPORE DAY 4 (Jurong Bird Park and Science Center with side trip to the Transformers Exhibit)

Singapore has numerous zoo parks that vies for the title best zoo in Asia, if not of the world.  Their zoos mimic the animals original environment, that somehow creates an impression of freedom.  I was glad we had this in our itinerary. 

    • 730am - Breakfast at the Carousel Restaurant, Royal Plaza on Scotts.
    • 830am - Left for Jurong Bird Park via taxi (SGD30)
    • 9am - Arrive at the Jurong Bird Park

    • 12nn - Lunch at Birds at Play, Jurong Bird Park. Food was surprisingly very good and tasty. 
    • 130pm - Left the zoo via a limousine taxi (SGD20). This was more expensive, but realized after that the difference was merely SGD3-4. It was very nice and the ride was so smooth.
    • 2pm - Arrived at the Science Center. It is just a short distance away Jurong Bird Park. 
      The Science Center is huge complex that houses numerous exhibits.  My boys love museums and if we have more time, we could easily spend an entire day touring this center.

      • 430pm - Transferred to the Transformers' Exhibit. We just had to see the biggest touring Bumble Bee and Optimus Prime models.
      • 6pm - Left the Science Center
      • 630pm - Back to base to freshen up, before dinner
      • 8pm - Hainanese Delight at Far East Plaza along Scotts Road (across Royal Plaza Hotel).  Delicious Hainanese chicken and very affordable as well.  Our entire meal costs less than SGD20.
      Day 4 is Tiring.

      More attraction packed days ahead!

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      Day 8 - SEA Aquarium and Vivo City



      My boys are Lego fanatics.  LEGOLAND Malaysia, which is located at Johor Bahru, which is about 1 hour travel by land from Singapore was an obvious must in our itinerary. 

      Although Legoland is just an hour away from Singapore, clearing immigration and  the volume of travelers going to and fro Singapore and Malaysia can be a nightmare at times, which can easily add another hour or so to your travel time.

      We have 3 travel options in getting to Malaysia from Singapore: public SG-MY cab, bus or private transfers.  Again we opted for convenience and booked a door-to-door transfer from Singapore to Malaysia and back.


      Our Day 2 starts with an early check-out from Royal Plaza on Scotts (RPoS). We deposited our luggage and brought only our Malaysia bags (Note: I packed a separate bag for Malaysia, so we do not have to bring everything back and forth).

      • 7am - Check-out at RPoS. Check out was a breeze. Before leaving I informed reception that we would be returning late the following day and requested for same room configuration (separate beds).
      • Breakfast was at Starbucks, Pacific Plaza located near RPoS.
      • 8am - SGMY Transfers pick up arrived and left Singapore soon after.  Travel was fast, but immigration was a bummer.  It took us about an hour to clear immigrations.
      • 10am - Arrived at Legoland Malaysia.  Deposited our bags at Legoland Hotel and claimed our park tickets.  We availed of 2 days Legoland Park and Water Park combo tickets, which allowed unlimited entry to both parks for 2 days.
      • 1030am - Legoland Park invasion begins.
      • 4pm - Went back to the hotel to rest our tired feet.
      • 6pm - Dinner at Secret Recipe, Medini Mall located right next to Legoland Hotel.
      • 7pm - Return to Legoland Park for the Christmas Tree lighting.

      For details of our LEGOLAND Park Adventure, please click here:  Legoland Malaysia (Dream coome true for Lego fans - for children and kid's at heart)

      • 7am - Breakfast at The Bricks came free with our package.
      • 8am - Packed our bags for travel back to Singapore (pick-up at 530pm).  One good thing about private transfers is you get to choose the time of pick up.  We were able to fully enjoy and make the most of our Legoland trip, without the hassle or fear of missing our transportation).
      • 9am - Check-out from Legoland Hotel.
      • 930am - Enter Legoland Park (Note:  Hotel guests are allowed 30 minutes earlier entry to the park).    
      • 10am - Entered the Legoland Water Park. We got ourselves a Cabana (MYR280) for some privacy and a place to relax.  Included in the cabana rental are: 4 bottled water, 2 soda cans, 2 juice bottles, wifi access and 2 huge Legoland towels.  The  cabana also has 2 lounge chairs, 2 lounge beds, a safety deposit box, an electric fan and a mini-refrigerator to store your drinks.  There is also a roving resort staff to take-in food orders in case you get hungry.
      • 330pm - Left the water park, much to my youngest son's dismay.  He really enjoyed the water park more than the theme park.  
      • 4pm - Ate our Dinner at The Market Restaurant, Legoland Park.
      • 5pm - Last minute Lego shopping before returning to the hotel to retrieve our deposited luggage.
      • 6pm - Bye-bye Legoland, with a promise to the boys that we will be returning.
      • 8pm - Arrived in Singapore and Check-in at RPoS. 

      Days 2 and 3 - SUCCESS!

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      Day 8 - SEA Aquarium and Vivo City

      December 29, 2014

      SINGAPORE DAY 1 (Singapore Flyer, DUCKtour and Gardens by the Bay)

      We had an early first day kick off in Singapore.
      • 6am - flight out Manila via PAL.  My husband and I had 3 options in going to the airport: park and fly, rent an airport transfer or ask a friend to bring us to the airport.  For safety reasons we opted for park and fly (will write a detailed review on this later).

      PAL left Manila on time and we arrived in Singapore 3 hours and 40 minutes after.
      • 10am - Arrived at Changi airport Singapore. It took us less than an hour to clear immigration and collect our baggage; Bought Singtel's Hi! SIM Card at Changi Recommends outlets.
      • 1030am - Left Changi via taxi (SGD25) and arrived at Royal Plaza on Scotts (RPoS), Orchard 20 minutes later. 
      • 11am - It was real nice of RPoS to accommodate our request for an early check-in. We were able to freshen up before heading to our next agenda.
      Note:  I bought the Singapore Flyer, DUCKtour and Gardens by the Bay tickets through Asia Travel.  You can get these tickets cheaper at travel and tour agencies at Lucky Plaza in Orchard, but again we opted for convenience.  I do not want to drop by Lucky Plaza to pick up the tickets.

      SG Flyer and DUCKtours are located in the same building.

      • 12nn -  Singapore Flyer and Journey of Dreams. We exchanged the Asia Travel e-mail vouchers at the Singapore Flyer Counter, Guest Services Lounge 1st Level (Note: In Singapore, floors starts at Level 1 and not Ground Floor).   

      • 1230pm- Lunch at Popeye's located at Level 1, Singapore Flyer  Building.  I wanted a fast and safe first day lunch for the kiddos and ended up with a Family Chicken meal package (less than SGD25 for a full meal with drinks and desserts for 4).

      • 130pm  - The Original Singapore DUCKtours. We exchanged our vouchers at the Singapore DUCKtours Counter. The tour lasted for about 1 hour and included land and  water tours.  We were able to see and get good pictures of the major Singapore structures such as Esplanade, Merlion,  SkyPark and Art Science Museum, saved the tired feet. 

      This is a good way to see Singapore without tiring the kiddos. (Note: Remember to call in for tour reservations.  I called in from Manila 3 days before the actual tour.  I saw guests turned down since they were not able to reserve slots even with travel vouchers.)  

      We left SG Flyer via taxi (SGD8) for Gardens by the Bay (GB).  Singaporeans would tell you GB is a short walk from the Flyer, but it was really quite a long walk from SG flyer. You would have to cross a hi-way bridge under the scorching heat.     
      • 3pm - Gardens by the Bay (GB). The e-mail vouchers were exchanged for tickets at the Friends of Gardens by the Bay Office (It is a separate counter and is located across the main ticketing counter). Our package included entrance to the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. Touring both domes took us about 3+ hours.

      Missed due to time constraints:
      • SG Flyer: Singapore Food Trail (This was our first choice for lunch.  The center is located right next to the DUCKtour boarding center).
      • GB: Outdoor Garden Tour (We figured, we would have enough garden inside the air-conditioned dome, so we gave this one a skip), Super Trees and Far East Organization Children's Garden and Playground (The boys were pretty tired and exhausted from visiting the domes and the playground was a skip as well).

      We left GB via taxi (SGD20) around 6pm.  We headed straight to the hotel with hubby ordering take out (in SG the term they use is take away) at KFC (which luckily has branch located right across our hotel).

      First day accomplished! 

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      Day 8 - SEA Aquarium and Vivo City

      SINGAPORE - MALAYSIA Itinerary and Tips (8D/7N)

      Singapore never runs out of things to do for everyone. This particular itinerary was tailor fitted for families travelling with young children (mine are ages 6 and 10).

      The plan was 1 day Singapore City tour, then an overnight at LEGOLAND Malaysia, before returning again to Singapore to finish the remaining days of our vacation.

      Our mode of transportation in Singapore is via taxi, which proved to be more convenient and faster for a family of 4.  Travel by taxi was a bit expensive, but it saved us some walking time and energy to enjoy the attractions more.  Remember we were travelling with children and the attractions are NOT really right next to the MRT.  It would take another 8-10 minutes of walking .  Under Singapore's humid weather - walking is an absolute punishment to the young kiddos. 

      Here is our 8D/7N itinerary (will add links and details as I finish writing them).

      Day 1 - Singapore City
      Day 2 and 3 - LEGOLAND Malaysia
      Day 4 - Jurong Bird Park and Science Center
      Day 5 - Singapore Zoo (with breakfast with the Orangutans)
      Day 6 - Sentosa Island
      Day 7 - Universal Studio Singapore 
      Day 8 - SEA Aquarium and Vivo City

      I tried to pack in as much attractions as I could, but with children in tow, too much is impossible.  So instead, I tried to be realistic. 

      General TIPS:
      1. Plan ahead.  My rule of thumb is at least 6 months preparation. The earlier you book your air travel and hotels the more you save. 
      2. Travel light.  Pack light cotton clothes with the same color hues for easier matching.  Make a list of things to bring (with your passport, money and travel vouchers on the top of the list).
      3. Plan your itinerary. There are so many things to do in Singapore.  With limited time, you would have to learn to prioritize which ones you really like.  Group attractions near each other.
      4. Buying SGD. We got ours from our main bank.  You would be unable to buy SGD unless you have a bank account. If that would be a problem, you would be happy to know that you can easily exchange your Philippine Pesos to Singaporean Dollar at the Changi Airport.
      5. Budget. Budget all depends on where you stay and what you intend to do.  Cost is slightly more along Orchard Road and mostly tripled inside parks and  resorts. Our budget for 4 pax is: 
        • Food - breakfast at SGD20-30; lunch and dinner at SGD 40-50 each.
        • Taxi transfers depending on where you are going. From Orchard taxi fare is about SGD15-25 (including peak surcharges) from most tourist attractions.
      6. Download helpful smart phone applications. 
        • Trip Advisor Singapore
        • Exchange Rates - XE Currency application allows you to convert for multiple currencies at the same time.
        • My Sentosa Plan your Stay  - was helpful in planning and deciding which attractions to visit, but was a poor navigation guide. 
        • Offline Maps. I downloaded some, but found the free maps at Changi more useful.
      7. Buying data plan to stay in touch with your family in Manila.  We bought Singtels SGD50, with free 5GB data. My phone was on wi-fi hotspot status which enabled data share with my family.  
      8. Must bring.
        • good quality selfie-stick
        • 3 prong British Standard outlet
        • extra battery pack
        • light jacket
        • umbrella (in Singapore it is either raining or the scorching sun is out)
        • face towel (bring a handheld fan if you have one)
        • be sure your have comfortable shoes. Singapore is the walking capital of Asia! 
        • also bring: plenty of water (water in Singapore is potable, you can buy a bottled water and refill to save on money) and tissue (hawker centers charge extra for tissues). 

      December 19, 2014

      KINDER JOY (a fascinating toy)

      My 6th year old introduced me to Kinder Joy 

      We were walking pass a snack bar, when he pulled me to ask, if he can get two (i.e., one for him and his "kuya" - thoughtful right?)  I looked at the item, and it seemed safe enough, so I agreed!  At careful inspection, I was surprised to learn that Kinder Joy is from the Ferrero brand. 

      Kinder Joy is unique, because inside each egg is an exciting surprise.  
      Look for a toy egg packaging. 

        Let's see what's inside:
      • A unique snack: a milky cream and a cocoa cream with two crispy wafer balls – and

      • A great toy in each egg.

      The toys need to be constructed. There is an easy to follow instruction sheet, that would sometime require little adult supervision, depending on age.

      My 10 year old got a top play set. 

      Character Bracelet for my 6th year old.
      He did this on his own and proudly displayed it for me to see.


      Kinder Joy is special indeed and knowing that it came from a respected brand "Ferrero", you are assured it is of high quality. 

      The toys are also well made (although I don't think they are safe for very young children).  The toys were designed to make your kids think and imagine.

      I am a fan of the overall concept, but I would limit the sweets in take, especially after 6pm.

      Check the label and nutritional information here.

      December 11, 2014

      BDJ - CoverGirl Exclusive (December 2014)

      My December BDJ box finally came, after being delayed by Typhoon Ruby.  

      I checked-out (did the usual shaking and weighing) the box and found it a tad lighter than the previous beauty boxes I have received.  

      I opened my box half-hearted (wishing full instead of sampler sized products).  Lo and behold, I saw the COVERGIRL logo.

      This month's beauty box is a CoverGirl Exclusive  - now this is what I meant by coming back, and with vengeance.  A rush of blood came rushing back my face!  This is by far the best BDJ Box I have received. Talk about saving the best to end the year.    

      So here is what's inside:

      1. TruBlend Liquid Makeup, 30ml (P645).  It is a liquid foundation that provides smooth full coverage for a flawless natural look.

      2. TruBlend Pressed Powder, 11ml (P425).  Has a silky- smooth formula that blends beautifully with all skin tones, perfect for a natural, fresh, no make-up look.

      3. Cheekers Blush, 3g (P395). A portable mini-compact blusher that gives you a natural rosy silk flush (will only be available in stores on Feb 2015).

      4. Smoky Shadow Blast, 4.6g (P525). For smoky-dramatic eyes in an instant. 

      5. LashBlast Fusion Water Resistant Mascara, 12g (P595). It is a super-volumizing fiber-stretched mascara formula with an oversized brush that guarantees to make your lash bigger, fuller and more dramatic. 


      My entire box value is over P2,500!
      This box alone is so worth, my last four (4) months subscription.   
      I love CoverGirl and BDJ!! 

      Two words:  Awesome!  Awesome!

      BDJ - Benefit Exclusive - Sweet Shoppe (November 2014)

      First let me begin with a confession: "I am not a Benefit Cosmetics avid".    

      I have mentioned in a previous post, that I would rather go for less known inexpensive local cosmetic's brands, meant for the Asian skin. That being said, I do not really dislike Benefits Cosmetics totally.  I just find it's price exorbitant, which I guess explains the  small sampler products included in the box.   Well it was not all bad, though, since samplers are easier to stash in your travel adventure kits.

       The box contains a selection of items from the Benefit's Sweet Shoppe, here is what's inside:

       1. It's Potent! Eye Cream, 14g (P1800).  It is an eye cream that helps restore skin's elasticity and protect it from free radicals. 

       2. Big Easy Complexion Perfector, 35ml 9 (P2000). It is a 2-in1 facial coverage that helps control oil, while keeping your face moisturized.

      3. Posiebalm Hydrating Lip Balm, 3g (P1000). Posie balm helps hydrate and condition your lips, while giving it a hint of sweet pinkish glow.  

      4. Lollitint Lip and Cheek Stain, 12.5ml (P1700). A smudge proof and smooch proof formula for your cheeks and lips all day long.

      5. They're Real! Push-Up Line, 1.4g (P1300). It is a water-proof, matte black gel eyeliner than can last up to 24 hours.

       6. They're Real Mascara, 8.5g (P1300). Jet black lash coverage, that can make your lashes gorgeously long and thick without clumping up together.

       7. They're Real! Eye Makeup Remover, 50ml (P1000). It is an eye make-up remover that cleanse without irritating your eyes.


      • Instant Comeback Facial Serum and Total Moisture Facial Cream. These serum and facial cream helps bring back your skin youthful and natural glow, by keeping it hydrated.

      • Hello Gorgeous Voucher - Free makeupper and brow consultation at your favorite Benefit Store


      Some of the items in this month's box were repeats of the June 2014 Box: Let the Beauty Begin!  Repeat items were the Potent Eye Cream, Big Easy Complexion Perfector and Lollitint Lip and Cheek Stain.

      I haven't even bothered opening the Potent Eye Cream, which means, now I have 2 unopened eye creams.

      I have  finished the Big Easy Complexion Perfector in the June package and I am now using the new one (so that's good).

      The June, Lollitint Lip and Cheek Stain, I have opened and used a couple of times, until my August BDJ Box came with my all time favorite, Ofra Long Lasting Lipstick.  The opened Lollitint went to my back-up, make-up kit.

      Honestly,  I have not yet used most of these products.  The eyeliner, mascara, lip balm and eye make up remover are currently just hogging spaces inside my make up box (another good thing, they came in small).  

      I hope December 2014 will redeem. Learn more on Beauty Boxes here:

      December 10, 2014

      BDJ - Skin Savers (October 2014)

      I am so excited to receive my October 2014 BDJ.  I knew it was special as there were two (2) boxes. 

      This month's BDJ is all about maintaining your skin's youthful glow.
      And youthful, glowing skin is something we all value.   

      I opened the Dial box first and was happy to get full sized Dial products:

      Dial Cleansing Pair
      1. Dial Coconut Water Body Wash (473ml, Php 200)
      2. Dial Coconut Water Soap (113g, Php 140 for a trio pack)

      These came in so timely, as my boys' bodywash are near empty.  My boys love the smell of fresh coconut, and since these were infused with coco water I knew for a fact that it is gentle even on children's skin.  Its main ingredients Coconut water is known to be rich in antioxidants and electrolytes (simply put, keeping your skin hydrated).

      The main box was as heavy as the first, which kept me excited. It contains three (3) full side products and three (3) expensive fillers (in tiny packaging).

      My Choice Smooth Skin Pack
      3. My Choice Spa Salt
      (500g, Php 100)
      This one is a salt scrub packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins.
      4. My Choice Hand and Body Lotion (90ml, Php 70)
      A creamy lotion concoction of all-natural ingredients, as well as collagen to help nourish and protect your skin from harmful free radicals.

      5. Dove Hair Fall Rescue (7ml x 7 vials, Php 470)
      A hair loss and hair roots strengthening treatment.  It is infused with Trichazole, Soy Protein and Ginseng that helps reduce damage to the roots. Their formula feeds vital nutrients deep inside your hair defending it from external stress and breakage.

      6. Revlon ColorStay 16-Hour Eye Shadow Quad (1.9oz, Php 795)
      Beautiful eye color that you can wear for up to 16 hours. This product promises a crease and smudge free, hence a fresh look when applied.

      The expensive filler, which would have appreciated if they came in full or at least a week usable packaging (but I guess I am that lucky yet).

      • L'Oreal Paris Youth Duo L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Serum (30ml, Php 1500)
        L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Anti-Aging Day Cream (50ml, Php 1500)

      The serum help reduces  fine lines & refines skin texture in continued 4 weeks use, while the day cream help smoothen pores and replump skin. 
      • Strip RPT Kit Strip Ice Cream (150ml, Php 1750)
        RELIEVE – This smoothing, calming whip delight calms your inflamed skin — perfect as a post-hair removal treatment.
      • Malin + Goetz Peppermint Body Scrub (220ml, Php 1650)
        PREVENT – With bamboo and pumice to help shed dead skin, this cooling and creamy scrub will prevent ingrown hair.
      • Malin + Goetz Ingrown Hair Cream (15ml, Php 1750)
        TREAT – It contains papaya and pineapple enzyme to eliminate ingrown hair, as well as vitamins B5 and E to repair your skin.

      • Yves Rocher Zero Blemish Gel Cream (50ml, Php 795) Product guide says it is formulated with Baikal Powder, which helps  absorb excess sebum and minimizes pores. It hydrates the skin for  full 24 hours so you don't have to worry about over drying your skin.  

      My best finds this month in my BDJ Box are the Dial Cleansing Pair (We have been using the Dial Coconut Water body wash and soap and my I love how smooth and moisturized it feels right after bathing) and the Dove Hair Fall Rescue treatment (I have been using this one as well, too soon to tell if its working though).

      I have also been using the Yves  Rocher Zero Blemish Gel Cream.  It smells so nice at application and I was surprise it does real wonder to your face, by protecting it from blemish and shine.  It is perfect for my combination type skin.  Now, if only they came in bigger containers. 

      This month's box is all worth my P580.  

      More on beauty boxes... BEAUTY BOXES.  

      Ordering Food Online? Let FoodPanda help you!

      PROBLEM I was swamped with month-end cut offs and it was nearing lunchtime.  I hate lunch crowds and I really have so many things to do, so lunch-out was obviously out of the question.

      MY SOLUTION Order food online.  I chanced upon, through I was immediately  drawn to its "Food On the Go" tagline. Tap, choose and enjoy from the many restaurants in your neighborhood. Is it really that easy?

      A link led me to the foodpanda website

      It was good to know that foodpanda is affiliated with trusted brand hellofood and delivery club, which are active online food delivery services in over 40 countries in 5 continents  

      You would be asked to key in your location and you would be shown a list of restaurants serving your area.  

      I was a bit dissapointed that they only service major cities.

      I wish they expand and cover the Greater Manila Area as well.

      Now this was the most difficult part in the entire ordering process. For Makati area alone, they have about 58 restaurants, so it took me a while to decide.  

      I finally ended with HongKong Noodles and Dimsum House.   I ordered hakao, salt and pepper squid with yangchow , bola-bola siopao and soda in can.  I knew that was a bit too much, but minimum order for a Free Delivery for HongKong Noodles is at least P300. 00.  I figured, I will just keep the siopao for merienda later. 

      I noticed that some restaurants does not require minimum order, while others have fixed delivery charges of P30+.  

      You can pay your order, online as well or upon delivery, which was so convenient.

      Soon after I proceeded to check-out, foodpanda called and confirmed my order.  Oh I must commend the caller, as she was so pleasant to talk to.  

      My food came less than an hour later and I was happy with the smooth and efficient service. The delivery boy was even smiling when I came down the lobby to pick up my food. 

      Food was still warm and nicely packed - it won't get easily spill or tip over.  Also I was a little worried that they might miss out on the condiments while packing.  But was happy, since all that I needed was in the bag (lots of tissue and there was even an extra pair of disposable spoon and fork).


      BTW, I was right that I over ordered, servings was hefty and good enough for 2 adults.  At P300+ my order is a lot.  My hakao and siopao both ended up as for later :P

      I have had such a good exerience, that now, everytime somebody suggests for food delivery, I can't help but recommend ordering through foodpanda. 

      For hassle free food delivery foodpanda is highly recommended.

      Here is an easy guide to ordering from FoodPanda:

      Aside from online or from the mobile application, via AppStore, WindowsPhoneStore or Google Play.


      December 6, 2014

      Help Build Your Child's Multiple Intelligence


      What type of SMART are you?


      The theory of Multiple Intelligences developed by Dr. Howard Gardner, a professor of education at Harvard University, suggests that there are eight (8) different intelligences or learning styles:

      Children are born with the capacity for all different types of smarts.  However, we focus too much on linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligence and fail to give as much attention on the other intelligences. Children with smarts other than brain smart, receive very little reinforcement at home and in school, in nurturing their true intelligence.  

      The challenge to us parents is to provide our children with opportunities to cultivate these gifts.

      How do we develop our children’s intelligence?

      Your child needs your help to succeed in life, especially in todays competitive and more complex society.  Here are some of the things we can do as parents?

      • Expose your child to new experiences.  Spend time listening to different types of music together, attend theater plays and musicals, visit museums, take nature walks and commune with nature.  The list goes on.
      • Limit computer play and encourage them to do active outdoor sports.
      • Play make believe and explore different worlds: real or not.   
      • Buy toys that foster active thinking and imagination.
      Check out "ExploreSandbox," an innovative activities set that teaches by means of creative play.

      My boys busy with their magical bird.

      Creative play using ExploreSandbox.
      My boys are so good at this!

      • Stay away from junk foods and give them healthy food options. Feed them fruits and vegetables to keep them healthy and strong. Drink vitamins and minerals rich milk. Try high nutrients milk formula, such as Progress Pre-school GOLD.

      One of the best gift you can give your children is the gift of harnessing their full potential. 

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