August 26, 2013

Science is Alive - Science in the Park

Just across the Mind Museum entrance is an outdoor science at work experience. It features an artfully designed playground themed after nature's elements: sunlight, water, wind and greenery. 

The park is divided into play pockets, with the Water pocket as the park's main attraction.
We could have easily spent an entire afternoon - having fun making gigantic bubbles! 

Get ready to be WET!!!


Visit the Mind Museum and jump start your kids' love for Science! 

The Mind Museum - Tickle Your Mind!

Science came to life in our last museum trip!  We would normally only get to enjoy interactive exhibits and displays in museum trips abroad, but now I am proud to say, finally we now have a couple of worthwhile-world class science museums in the country.
The Mind Museum is a two-storey modern building, housing numerous interactive exhibits divided into five (5) galleries ~ Atom, Earth, Life, Universe and Technology, plus extension outdoor science discovery centers - Science in the Park and JY Campos Park. 
For ticket prices - please check the Mind Museum Website:
We were ushered in, by this female robot.   My boys were all ears!

My kids favorite was the Universe Gallery.
My astronaut wannabes were simply thrilled!

There was a mini-3D theater (my boys were hooked right away to the featured presentation on how life on earth began).
The T-rex exhibit was by far my favorite (great for picture taking too)!

A dinosaur footprint - right next to mine (somehow I felt puny)...


I just got to take this picture (amazing how real it looks like)

My kiddo enjoyed this one! Look Ma, punk rock!!!

My son goofing around...

Want to take the beach ball home (hmmn?)

Science came to life at the Mind Museum.

Welcome to my hubby's favorite gallery... Technology Gallery!
This area exhibits man's ingenuity.

This robot, begged to have a picture taken with us!  My boys obliged.

My little pharaoh (cute)!

Looked so real :P Made me a bit hungry!

I had to give in!  I wanted to see how an airport x-ray scanner actually works. 
See my bag's contents?

The tour ends with a mandatory exit through the Mind Museum souvenir shop.  There were so many things to choose from, but were quite expensive - remember to cover your kid's eyes while passing :D.


August 25, 2013

Taaleña Tagaytay "Tarana"!

Taaleña Restaurant Tagaytay is tucked some few meters away the busy Tagaytay's Aguinaldo Highway.  It is quite easy to miss the place, if you are not looking hard enough.
We were just glad to have discovered it. 
Compared to the roadside restaurants  ~ Josephine's, Leslie's and RSM, Taaleña is more laid back and rustic. 
Food and service were comparable to other frequented restos in Tagaytay, but somehow, I enjoyed my food here at Taaleña way better.
We over ordered, not knowing how huge their servings were.  We got pansit, calamares rice, tawilis and  lumpiang sariwa (so takaw)!
Servings was quite hefty - perfect for huge travelling families. 
Our order was enough to feed 6 hungry men (and we were just 2 adults and 2 kids).
I normally don't like dried fish, but with Tagaytay's tawilis I can always make an exception.

My boy was all smiles, when his watermelon shake arrived!

We were meaning to try their desserts - but I guess you know we weren't getting any, after finishing our initial order :(  Maybe next time!
Taaleña is located at Casa Taal, Silang Crossing, Km. 54, West Tagaytay City.

August 24, 2013

Taal Vista Hotel Tagaytay

We are frequent Tagaytay travelers, but this is the first time we have actually stayed at Taal Vista. 
We got a Premier room at the Lake Wing with a grand view of the Taal Lake. 
Reviews weren't exaggerating, when they said it is a long walk to the Lake Wing of the hotel, but it was well worth the extra walk. It was a cozy room with a balcony with Taal Volcano as the backdrop! 
A sip of a regular 3-in-1 coffee, almost tasted brewed (hahaha!) and expensive, while seated at the balcony! 
Who cares about the room, when you have this as your view?
Bed was comfortable, but not heavenly...

They could have done a lot better in terms of toiletries... Ace Suites were way better than this!
Also their towels are quite worn out and needed replacement.

Bathroom is 3 way - I am not a fan though! It has no door (I honestly thought it must have broken and instead of repairing management decided to just take it out :P)!

The shower, sink and toilet were separated only by smoked-glass doors.

  • LOCATION - Perfect
  • SERVICE - AAA+++ Check-in  and check-out were a breeze, Staff were all very attentive and efficient!
  • PRICE - On the expensive side
  • ROOM - Average
  • GROUNDS - The hotel grounds is expansive.  Garden is well manicured, picture perfect and overlooks Taal Volcano.
  • AMENITIES - There is an outdoor pool, gym, kids' play room and activity/game room, however, these were all located on the old wing (it was quite a walk from where we were staying - it was really far!) of the hotel.  Never got to try any of them.
  • FOOD - Just good.  I was expecting better :P

The location makes up for the little peeves. I don't mind staying again and paying a little extra just for the view, which was really breathtaking especially on a clear sunny morning.


Taal Vista Hotel is located at  Kilometer 60, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City
Contact Number: +63 (2)917-8225 and +63 (46) 413-1000

August 17, 2013

Tootsie's Tagaytay - our latest favorite hang out!

I read about this home-styled cooking restaurant from the internet. For our last trip down South (or is it up?) of the Metro, a visit to the well reviewed Tootsie's Restaurant was an obvious must!
Indeed Tootsie's exudes a homey appeal.  It is just a small restaurant (with an extension wing) with very limited sitting. 
Since we came in at such an odd time for a lunch at 4pm (traffic was disastrous and it took us 3 hours, plus some mustered driving skills to navigate our way up to Tagaytay), there were very few people dining, however, I can just imagine how crowded this place must be during peak lunch and dinner time. 

Our driving ordeal left me and my boys rather famished. I wanted to order Tootsie's best seller lengua, but I am not sure if my kids would like it.  We ended ordering instead, another Tootsie's specialty adobo flakes (which my husband loved to the last bite), fresh lumpiang hubad and fish with potato fries. 

For dessert we ordered their special halo-halo turon and ube palitaw.

Tootsie's Fresh Lumpiang Hubad was delicious, but serving portion quite small...  

Adobo flakes is highly recommended!

My boys love the fish and fries... 

Their halo-halo turon (with ube and leche flan filling) were quite special!  Not your ordinary turon...

The ube palitaw was very filling! 
Service was quite slow, considering there were very few customers.  Given food is quite pricey, free appetizers (peanuts or bread sticks) would have been nice and most welcomed especially by hungry boys!

VERDICT:  Order their house specialties and you will never go wrong!  A trip to Tootsie's is well worth it, however, do make sure that you are not so hungry because you could be waiting for quite a while! 

Tootsie's Tagaytay is located at J. Abad Santos cor Aguinaldo Highway Tagaytay to the side of the Tagaytay ridges.
(046) - 4834629 / 0917-TOOTSIE (866 87 43)

August 8, 2013

Café France - lunch dates

Lunch at Café France is a default option, whenever, me and my lunch-buddy husband can't seem to decide on where or what to eat. 
The Café France branch we frequently visit is the Valero branch in Makati. It is conveniently located just a few meters away from where we work. 
Ambience is relaxed and food is delectable. 
Our favorites Adele and Pierre lunch trays - pasta, half sandwich (bread of your choice), soup, fruit juice and chocolate for dessert!

They also have promo set meals at discounted prices.  Equally as good!

For complete, delicious and healthy meals - I suggest you give Café France a try...

August 4, 2013

Vigan River Cruise ~ a missed cruise :(

We were so looking forward to this river cruise.  Unfortunately it was closed on the day of our visit :( 
We would just have to make do with picture taking by the river cruise dock!



August 3, 2013

BSA Twin Tower Pools

I was quite impressed to know that for a small condo-hotel, BSA Twin Towers in Ortigas has two (2) pools. 
My boys love the water and swimming is a must whenever there is a pool around!
BSA has a lap pool and a lagoon (sort of) inspired pool. 
There was also a jacuzzi, but it was close when we went there, hence can't say much about it.
the pools were clean and pretty decent, but the water was chilling... that however, will not stop my boys from swimming!

My boys fooling around as usual!

The pools were small but it was okay, we were the only one there...
We were having such fun, when my husband cut himself on one of the pool's broken tiles.  He ran a deep cut on the sole of his foot, so we hurried the kiddos out of the water (my poor paps... ). I don't want them to hurt themselves, those broken tiles are dangerous).

Post script: We reported the broken tiles to one of maintenance staff before leaving and I do hope the hotel fixed it soon before somebody else gets hurt.