January 19, 2015

Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Did you know that Singapore is also known as a Garden City? Amidst high-rise buildings are lush green parks and meticulously landscaped gardens all over the city. 

As part of our 8D/7N Singapore-Malaysia adventure is a visit to Singapore's premier green park, Gardens by the Bay. 

The Gardens by the Bay is a 101 hectares park located in Central Singapore.    It is divided into three uniquely themed world-class gardens: Gardens at Marina South, Gardens at Marina East and Gardens at Marina Center.

The Gardens main attractions are the:
  1. Cooled Conservatories (consisting of the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome)
  2. Super Trees
  3. OCBC Sky Tower
  4. Far East Organization Children's Garden

Due to limited time, we were only able visit the twin cooled conservatories: Cloud Forest and Flower Dome.

Via the Cloud Walk: fun and scary walk atop the Cloud Forest Mountain.

 Our favorite Cloud Forest's attractions is this
man-made Waterfalls.


  Awesome-awesome sight!

  • If I had one regret, it was not having enough time to explore the famous Singapore's Gardens by the Bay.  We tried to cover both conservatories in only three (3) hours.  I recommend that you spend at least a day to get a full appreciation of The Gardens' beauty.
  • The conservatories are air-conditioned. You may want to bring a light jacket to wear inside.

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For more information regarding Gardens by the Bay attractions please check their website "Gardens by the Bay".


  1. I've yet to visit Singapore but when I do, I'll keep Gardens by the Bay in mind. :) Thank you for this!

  2. Hmm.. Is this different from the Orchidarium? Not sure if I've been there, although some of your pictures look like the one I went to in SG.

  3. We're sked to go to Singapore this year. Hoping to visit Gardens by the Bay also :) -edel

  4. Visited Singapore but not this place yet. Thanks for the tips!

  5. Thanks for sharing, just in time too because we're going to SG in June!

  6. I wish I could also visit Singapore with my family in the future! It's a nice place. I'm sure you enjoyed your stay. :)


  7. I never been in Singapore but everyone says it clean and nice :-)

  8. My family and I were able to visit the place and it was spectacular! What an amazing creation!


  9. OMG! cloud forest looks Great but "walking part" Scary!!!

  10. I'd love to go to SG, too. Ang ganda ng flower dome! And thanks for the tips!

  11. Will keep this in mind the next time I go there :)

  12. We haven't been to Singapore yet but we are planning to once we've saved enough budget for it. I'll keep this in kind so we can visit it when we go there.

  13. What an interesting place to visit in Singapore, and what a nice name, too: Gardens by the Bay! I wish we could see it, too, soon!

  14. Wow, I'd love to go to Singapore soon. It's where my hubby grew up so I want to see where he spent his younger days.


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