May 14, 2011

Oh Boy Its a Boy Baby Shower!

I am such a party planner freak! For me, the planning and preparation is quite therapeutic. So when a preggy cousin turned 8months, I can't help but give her a baby shower party...

proud mama and proud papa to be

We had her shower party May 1 - Labor Day (my cousin afterall will be doing her own laboring a few weeks from now)! I find it funny really, although my cousin wasn't laughing.

For decorations, I bought blue and white, baby shower designed balloons, attached curly ribbons and taped a couple on to the dining room ceiling. I was really careful! My husband warned me that if I damanged his newly painted ceiling, I will be paying for the cost of repair!

I cut out the baby's name into different colored papers and taped these as well on to the living room wall. It reads, "Czar Lukas is here!!!" Oh, I was very careful with the walls as well!

(Creative juices flowing... an apron for my preggy cousin to wear. yup, it reads...

"HOT MOM 2B".)

For give-aways, I got blue and lavender cellphone charms (cellphone not included). My cousin bought these real cute and funny coffee-tea stirrer.

For the games we had:

(1) Smell my nappies - I got cheap diapers and 4 types of ordinary chocolates. Melted the chocolates and placed them inside the diapers. The look was authentic. This was such a big hit among the guests. Everyone took turn smelling (eww!).

(I can't seem to look at chocolates the same way!)

(2) Tummy ni Mommy - with a piece of yarn, guests were asked to guess how big my cousin's tummy is. As it turned out, my preggy cousin's belly is as big as my husband's. Really funny!!!

For prizes, I got these cute pens from Blue Magic!

(3) Guess the nursery rhyme - we had a blast when my sister started singing baa-baa-black sheep to the tune of "three blind mice". I almost fell off my chair...

After a couple of games, i brought out the cake and had a semi tea party (What? We got inspired watching Prince William and Princess Kate's wedding...duh!)

(My second son, posing beside the cake.. and uhm ofcourse wanting a piece of it :))

The highlight of it all, is the gifts openning (I think she got most of whats left of her shopping list)!

My cousin, had a blast openning her gifts, but ended crying when I brought out my surprise gift. I gattered from family and friend (abroad) who weren't able to come to her party! I printed the letters in colored papers and placed them in a safekeep box...

Party is over, my preggy cousin... going through her letters (feet up)!