December 12, 2011

Java Jazz, Tagaytay

I was doing my usual web surfing, searching for hidden secret places to visit. I chanced upon this place called Java Jazz in Tagaytay. I was truly taken by the good reviews about the place, that I made Java Jazz, Coffee Shop, a must for our next Tagaytay itinerary.

You got to keep your eyes open or else miss the signage!

The Coffee Shop is also an Art Gallery. The paintings were displayed on the floor. Something unique about this Coffee house, is the floor seating. Although, I honestly couldn't make much sense out of it. It was difficult and uncomfortable seating on the floor after awhile and I got to the raise the question of "is the mat clean?"
I got a bit excited ordering, I really thought this place is special (again based on the reviews I have read). We ordered chocolate, coffee (which as I was told the house specialty), club house sandwich, veggie lasagna and ice cream cake (it was just plain ice cream).
However, when our food arrived, I was honestly not satisfied.
I don't understand the hype I have read from praises and comments I have seen on the net.

My son did not even finished drinking his chocolate!

(the kids enjoyed the exhibit though)
I don't think I will be back anytime soon. For some coffee indulgement time, I would suggest you go to the tested Bag of Beans!
Java Jazz is located at 442 Tagaytay, Calamba Road, Sungay West, Tagaytay City, Cavite
Tel. No. (046)8602699

December 11, 2011

Sanrok sa Kamalig, Morong Rizal

A friend of my husband told him about this place in faraway Morong Rizal called "Sanrok sa Ringring (Sandok sa Dingding) restaurant.
The restaurant specializes in yummy Filipino dishes with Asian cuisine techniques like its own versions of Bulalo (cow’s bone marrow soup with vegetables), Bicol Express (pork in spicy coconut milk).
My husband loves roadtrips and FOOD, so when we finally had the time off from work, we took the kids along and headed East.
We travelled quite a distance, but thankfully only got lost twice or thrice. Good that my husband doesn't mind stopping and asking for directions.
Finally got to the place past 12nn. We were hungry and tired and were just so happy we got there.
Signage says "Sanrok sa Kamalig" the attendant said "Sanrok sa Ringring" is the old name.
The place is reminiscence of an old salon pub/bar you see in the old Filipino western movies. I actually felt like, some outlaws will enter the place any minute.
The entrance to Sanrok!
Food was not extra ordinary. It was just okay for me, except for the "Halo-halo Sinigang" (a mix of 2-3 kinds of fish). My husband and my cousin kept on saying that the "chopsuey" was great!!!
We were all so full when we left the place and paid only P1500 for a a complete group meal (we ordered halo-halo sinigang, pancit, barbeque, steamed lapu-lapu, chopsuey, rice with drinks) for 8pax (n0t bad)!
If by chance you are headed in the far East, Sanrok sa Kamalig is worth a stop.
Sanrok sa Kamalig Restaurant and Function House is located along Morong Rizal Highway, contact number 691- 5647.

December 4, 2011

Canyon Woods Resort Tagaytay Weekend

If you are looking for full proof family bonding time, I suggest you seek out Canyon Woods Resort in Tagaytay.

Minutes from entering the resorts, my boys were already out exploring the vast grounds of Canyon Woods. 

A short stroll from our lodging is the activity center.   A play ground, mini-golf, an outdoor pool, billiards, gym, bowling alley, duck feeding, boating and a fishing area  surrounds the resort's Pavilion where we had our breakfast. 

The kids wont leave the resort's play ground. 



My eldest enjoyed the mini golf... he won by 2 points (**wink**wink**)!
The pool water is cold, but that is not stopping my kids from dipping (bbbrrr!!!).


Now the duckies :D 
My youngest wants to take all of them home!


Dinner is at the Canyon Wood's Main Club House.

Unfortunately it was already late and it was too dark to appreciate the view.


Before heading to our room, we decided to give the billiards and bowling alley a visit.

Long day today, the kids had fun and enjoyed every minute of our stay at Canyon Woods.

Canyon Woods Resorts Club is located at Diokno Highway, Bgy. San Gregorio Laurel, Batangas. Contact Number 521-7878.

Calaruega Church Tagaytay

For the longest time, I have been wanting to go to Calaruega Church in Tagaytay. 

 I have heard so much of it's picturesque garden and chapel. The opportunity came last November when my family decided to go to Tagaytay for my weekend birthday. 

 We stayed at Canyon Woods Resort and as it turned out Calaruega is just a few more kilometers down South (or is it a few mountains and hills up South...?).
The view was simply breath taking. I was shooting pictures like a maniac... (really!)


Unfortunately, my husband said it was not as all good on his part, since he had to carry my youngest on his shoulder, going up the flight of stairs to reach the main chapel!

(my husband, preparing for the climb up)


It was amazingly beautiful... (close to God and close to nature).

Calaruega Church - Caleruega, The Transfiguration Chapel
Address: Brgy. Kaylaway, Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas
Contact Numbers: 0921-830-4226 0921-270-9890

Ming's Garden Tagaytay

(My boys at Ming's Garden Coffee Shop entrance)
It was a perfect day to start my 35th birthday! We are off to spend a weekend at The Canyon Woods Resort in Tagaytay.
On the way to the resort we stopped at the Ming's Garden, owned by former president Fidel V. Ramos' wife Ming Ramos.
(Inside the coffee shop, while waiting for our delicious suman.
The souvenier shop as background)
We go to Tagaytay quite often, but never had the chance to check out this place, until now.  The place is serene and gives a feel of a laid back country-garden atmosphere. The garden is well kept, restrooms are clean, and staff are friendly.  
The garden houses a coffee and "pasalubong" shop. We weren't really hungry, but the menu card picture of a yummy "suman" so grabbed my husband's eyes.
We ordered "sumang yapos" in coco syrup, siomai (my kids are addicted to siomai so this is a default order), club sandwich, "halo-halo", tea and kapeng barako (to go with my husband's suman). The "halo-halo", "suman" and "kapeng barako" did not disappoint us!
My kids had a blast running around the garden and spent a good deal of their time watching the Koi fishes, in a man made pond beside the coffee shop.
Before leaving I got a couple of hanging plants for our gazebo for only P50 a piece, truly a steal.
I am certain this will a regular stop over whenever we go to Tagaytay. We will be back!