February 25, 2019

Daddy's Birthday Weekend ~ Amazing at 75

If you are born during typhoon season, you are sure to have lots of rainy (hopefully not flooded) birthday celebration.  It was hard to plan a get-away, so a nearby hot spring-pool party is deemed acceptable.  It is party, where it is actually okay, to get wet (not to mention hot spring water's therapeutic benefits). 

If you are looking for hot spring private pools in Los Banos Laguna~ check Agoda or Airbnb. There is a long list of suitable private pools to fit your budget.  

For my Father's 75th Birthday we decided on renting a 4 bedroom private pool and invite cousins to join us- "they say the more the merrier".

Daddy's Birthday Cakes :P

And tin cakes from Consuelo's.
These were delectable and yummy.  High quality and much recommended!

The place we've rented is huge and can fit 20 persons easy. It also has enough parking for 4-5 vehicles.  The venue is well lighted at night, gated and with CCTV, so there is a feeling of added security and safety.  I personally liked that the place is PWD and senior citizen accessible ~ it fits our requirements spot on!

Here are some of the pictures we've taken:

Our Chef Jeff with Bruce Li  

The pool is invitingly lukewarm ~ the children were in the pool the moment we arrived and swam again before leaving. 

Night to Day Swimming... so "sulit"!

Happy Birthday Daddy!


February 11, 2018

SM Welcomes the Year of the Dog with a "Bow-Wow"

Welcome the 2018, the Year of the Earth Dog with these lovelies from the SM Accessories Kids and Toy Kingdom!

Just looking at those adorable button eyes, makes me want to buy one for myself...

Like children born in the Year of the Dog, these plush toys are cheerful, obliging, and a good sport. The Dog, after all, is said to be the most likeable sign in the Chinese Zodiac.
And kids born in the Year of the Dog are said to be honest, intelligent, egalitarian, and super-loyal.  These children are playful, friendly, and outgoing, appreciated by peers and adults alike for their warmth, candidness, and sense of humor.  A dog is a very good and supportive friend to have indeed. When the chips are down, the Dog will always be at your side.

Check out these little Pomeranian dog plushies dressed in birthday, sailor and baseball costumes.

Cutie Beagles begging for a pat.

Paw Patrol fans are sure to go gaga, over these Paw Patrol inspired plushies.

These plushies are sure to make such perfect playmates!

Bring home hugs, joy and charm with these adorable little dogs - available at the SM Accessories Kids department of The SM Store and Toy Kingdom.