January 24, 2015

Legoland Water Park

 Picture this: A Lego themed water park!!!
My boys literally went gaga, when they heard of waterpark and Lego in one sentence...
LEGOLAND's WaterPark boasts of 20 thrilling slides and more than 70 Lego models.

Attractions included:
  • Build a Raft River - a lazy river type pool, which my boys totally enjoyed.
  • Duplo-Splash Safari - a water play area for the younger kids
  • In the Imagination Station - there are interactive tables where kids can build stuffs
  • Joker Soaker - is an interactive playground, built to get you wet (BIGTIME!)
  • The Lego Wave Pool - the pool generates gentle waves for all ages. 
  • Older kids, would definitely have swell time trying the water park specialized  tube slides such as:  Red Rush, Twin Chasers, Brick Blasters, Splash and Swirl, Tidal Wave, Slide Racers
  • Bring lots of sunscreen. Did I mention, how scorching hot it is?
  • There are very few picnic tables and benches around. The park can get pretty much crowded; and the humid (with occasional thunder storms) Malaysian weather doesn't help much, I really recommend you rent a cabana.  
A half day cabana rental costs MYR150, while a day rental costs MYR280.  I know it is somewhat expensive, but it was so worth it. 
THE "Elephant" CABANA

Price is inclusive of Cabana rental, with mini refrigerator, electric fan, safety deposit box, 2 lounge chair, 2 lounge bed, 2 huge Legoland towels, 10 bottled drinks and wifi.  There was also a host ready to assist the Cabana guests for food orders and other needs.

I had a lovely time in the Cabana, while the boys ran wild all over the park.

  • Best to come on a weekday to avoid the crowd. I also noticed it was less crowded in the mornings, so best if you can come early.

(Photo grab from Legoland Malaysia website.)

  • We bought our water park tickets through the Legoland Malaysia website. The site has regular promotions such as combo-tickets and  special rates online and advance purchases. 


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  1. Waaah I like everything about it except the scorching hot part lol! I hope we can visit soon.

    1. Hi Ms Rowena, I saw your recent Legoland vacation. Looks like you had swell fun too.

  2. Your boys looked liked they had ssoooo much fun! I have been seeing these from several posts and itching to plan an out of the country travel for my kids as well. I will wait a little longer when they are older. :) Thank you for this!

  3. Wow. I would love to go there soon. The kids would definitely enjoy the legos everywhere :)

  4. Oh my! Now I have more reasons to go to legoland. Thanks for all the tips!"):)

  5. I'd love to go there ... I'm sure my daughter and I will have fun while hubby hides away from the sun-- lol -edel

  6. Wow such a huge water park! I wish to visit there someday.. That's totally going to be part of my family's bucket list. :)


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