December 10, 2016

Glam Party for Nanay's 93rd Birthday

How do you throw a birthday party for a Glam Lola?

My maternal grandmother turned 93 this year and we were all excited to give her a fun party that she and those dear to her would enjoy!

My grandmother is a "kikay lola"! 
She always loved dressing up and making herself pretty, unfortunately life wasn't easy then raising a family of 9 children.  
She would always put off her gratification for her family. 

So on her 93rd birthday, we have decided to give her a surprise "glam" themed party. 

My Lola looks forward to her after Sunday mass trip to Jollibee and since she likes it so much... a Jollibee party was in order.

She thought it was  just another Sunday after mass brunch when we walked in.

Here are some of the pictures from birthday celebration:

Jollibee and Hetty came and danced for us. 

Our dear Jollibee host with my cousin Shane of Bloom, Blossom and Grow blog.

It was a blessed day indeed (a bit teary eyed here as you can see)...

My mom making a wish...

Her Glam Tarp

Lootbags and give aways.

We prepared additional items mostly GC's,  cosmetics and kikay items for the adults.

Party set up...

Cakes and cupcakes' inspiration came from the ever reliable internet and recreated by a good friend, Toy Cakes.

Fun games... no KJ in this party :P

The famous bring me...

Our best dressed gets an award!

Good family friends happily graced the event with us...

With my mom's (extreme right) friends, who treat our Lola as their own.

With my family, parents and sister's family.

More apos....

More apos...

And more apos...

Grandchildren posts would have been longer, unfortunately 3/4th of our family now lives abroad.

Her apo sa tuhod, who takes after Lola's "kaki-kayan"!

With her pamangkins...

Blowing her cake.  She was a bit teary eyed though while blowing, I guess she was a bit overwhelmed.

Mr. Dante Ward of #SnapClickStudio provided our photobooth. 

Check out these really wonderful (really funny and crazy, not glam at all photos) from Snap Click Studio >>> #GlamBabe's Birthday

Lola obviously having so much fun!

Happy Birthday Lola Ising! 

November 28, 2016

A StarWars Birthday Party

My youngest loves celebrating his birthday at school. 

A month before his 8th birthday... he won't stop asking for his school party details and kept on reminding me it was time to send out his invitations. He also reminded me a couple of time to  order his cake (the design, he helped choose from the internet). 

He really is excited! 

I think he is more excited this year than his previous school parties Transformer Party and Lego Party.

This year's theme was easy.  He grew a liking of StarWars from our recent Tokyo Disneyland trip lining up for the Starwars' StarTours attraction 5 times ~ so having a Starwars Theme was a quick and fuss-free decision.

My son in Tokyo Disneyland StarTours ride.

I think my years of planning school birthday parties has made me a bit of a pro in throwing school birthdays. 
Planning for this year was really stress free, especially since I already have cake and invites contacts. 

Here are some photos from my son's
StarWars inspired 8th Birthday Party.

The invitation

My son loves BB-8 so he gets to be the cake topper.

I also ordered cup cakes for dessert. 
I initially only ordered a handful for the teachers, but my son insisted that his classmates should also get one each (sosyal). 

The cup cakes has a saber sword toppings.  They were really cute.

These were individually boxed for easy take out. 

Loot bags were hard case medicine boxes.  I like them since they are still usable after.

The loots
(candies, chocolates, a Starwars toys and bag tag)

My big boy was so happy ~ he was dancing to his classmates singing Happy Birthday... check the link here

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