February 11, 2018

SM Welcomes the Year of the Dog with a "Bow-Wow"

Welcome the 2018, the Year of the Earth Dog with these lovelies from the SM Accessories Kids and Toy Kingdom!

Just looking at those adorable button eyes, makes me want to buy one for myself...

Like children born in the Year of the Dog, these plush toys are cheerful, obliging, and a good sport. The Dog, after all, is said to be the most likeable sign in the Chinese Zodiac.
And kids born in the Year of the Dog are said to be honest, intelligent, egalitarian, and super-loyal.  These children are playful, friendly, and outgoing, appreciated by peers and adults alike for their warmth, candidness, and sense of humor.  A dog is a very good and supportive friend to have indeed. When the chips are down, the Dog will always be at your side.

Check out these little Pomeranian dog plushies dressed in birthday, sailor and baseball costumes.

Cutie Beagles begging for a pat.

Paw Patrol fans are sure to go gaga, over these Paw Patrol inspired plushies.

These plushies are sure to make such perfect playmates!

Bring home hugs, joy and charm with these adorable little dogs - available at the SM Accessories Kids department of The SM Store and Toy Kingdom.

December 21, 2017

DIVIMART ~ Divisoria Prices in a Mall Setting

Welcome to DIVIMART!

This place is a real haven for budget shoppers, who doesn't have the heart to brave the terrible Manila traffic to shop in Divisoria. This is the place to shop, if you want to stretch your hard earned Pesos.
This mall seems to have everything at very low prices.
Groceries, school supplies, cosmetics and accessories, account for most of the First floor.

Cutie fashion accessories ~ perfect for your little divas (I am sure my niece's eyes will popped-out with the sight of all these pretty bows and hairclips) ~ priced at P40 and up.

Wallets and pouches made of canvas  ~ P80 and up per set.

Pretty character backpacks ~ starting at P240. 

Character loot bag set, nice for your child's next party ~ priced at P40 and up.

Or DIY with these goodie bags/drawstrings, priced at P20 and up.

These school supplies make good loot bag fillers.

These metallic balloons will complete your birthday party at P19 and up. 

School supplies ~

Housewares, appliances, toys and apparel is seen at the Second floor.

Food trays are priced at P120 and up a piece.  

Tents at only P900. 

Apparel section is only about 1/5th of the upstair's floor, but enough to choose from.

If you are shopping with kids, stay away from the toys' section.

I spent about 2-3 hours roving about and checking out all the merchandise.   They have so much stuff, packed inside DiviMart.   I was literally all over the place, but I didn't felt tired one bit.  I think it helped that the place was air-conditioned.

The only downside is the limited parking space.  Parking could be a problem if you are arriving late.

My favorite buys for the day:

 Pok√©mon Cap ~ P75each
Silicon ice tray ~ P45
Toothpick ~ P20

DiviMart is located behind the New Taytay Public Market; And is just a short walk from the Taytay Tiangge Market.

For more information on Taytay DiviMart please check their facebook page: Taytay DiviMart.