December 1, 2014

Amoroma Ristorante Tagaytay ~ Authentic Italian!

The place is a bit unassuming from the outside and I would not have dared venture inside, if not for the beautiful reviews I have read from the other bloggers!
The inside of the restaurant, however, tells a different story.
There were obvious efforts from the owners to transform the place into a bona fide little Italian restaurant: 

... upon entering using the back door access from the restaurant's parking,  you would we delighted with the sight of numerous Italian Renaissance paintings that adorned the halls, a real working wood fired brick oven is also something you would not normally see elsewhere,  red checkered plaid pattern tablecloths and Italian music at the background would surely complete your dining experience.
There is a notice posted by the kitchen window: Orders are prepared fresh, simply put... "you shouldn't eat here if you are already hungry and famished, since it would be a while before they have your orders finished and served". 
When our food finally came, there were no frills and plating was almost nil,  honestly not very attractive.  Hohum...
Until we took a bite and unanimously agreed that this is by far one of the best pizza we have had... the waiting and the simple plating became forgivable... 
L-R/T-B: We ordered 5 Italian cheese pizza, carbonara, focaccia bread in pesto genovese dip, crab and shrimp stuffed pasta in tomato and cream sauce and creamy mushroom soup (not on photo)
We are happy we decided to stop over for lunch.  Amoroma Ristorante (literal translation "I Love Rome") succeeded in giving us a taste of Rome.
Pricing is a bit steep for most Juan, but I think the price was worth it.  We love everything that we ordered and would not hesitate to come back.

When in Tagaytay and if you are craving for authentic Italian cuisine, do not hesitate and seek out Amoroma Ristorante. Highly recommended.


  1. Oh my i felt hungry while reading your blog.

  2. I agree, I've eaten here and the food is good but on the pricey side! :D

  3. We have never come across this restaurant before but will surely look out for it on our next Tagaytay trip!

  4. I will look for this on our next Tagaytay trip. Was that a 5 (instead of 4) -cheese pizza?

  5. First time to hear about this restaurant, we will try this maybe pag may occasion because you said the meal is pricey. :)

    1. Hi Michi! Yes kinda pricey. But it was it was worth it. Will probably be back again on our next Tagaytay visit.

  6. Yeah, we love the place, too. Just on the pricey side though... :)

  7. There are many new restaurants in Tagaytay and what you shared here is good to consider if people like Italian.

  8. Reminds me of a little Italian restaurant here in downtown Davao. It's also unassuming and looks very simple from the outside!

  9. We'll look for this one next time we go to Tagaytay. We've been there many times but have often stuck to restos that serve bulalo and tawilis. :-)

  10. That 5 cheese Italian Pizza looks really delicious...


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