February 2, 2014

DinosoaurROARR Land

  Finally got to visit Dinosaur Island in Clark Pampanga as part of my kiddo's school field trip.
Dinosaur Island is tagged as the 1st (and I think only) Animatronic Dinosaur Park in the country.
I was really impressed to find gigantic and life like  (moving) dinosaurs for the first time.  They all looked very real and it took me a while to explain to my son that these dinosaurs are fake.
For a 5 year old's wild imagination,
the dinosaurs looked real alright! 
My son was second guessing "to pose or not to pose"
beside Mr. T (Rex)!
The park entrance has a tall and huge wooden gate (similar to the Jurassic movies) that keeps visitors guessing what is inside.  
1. Guests are first led to a  Dinosaur Trail.  Here expect to see: Brontosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brachiosaurus, Spirosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Iritator, Raptors, Rhinoceros, Iguanodon, and many more!
2. The park also houses a small museum (dinosaur fossils) ~ not really interesting. 
3. After the tour, we were seated and entertained to some dancing dinosaurs (it was really funny, you know these guys are just in dinosaur costume and yet when they try to scare, some were actually scared).
4. An optional extra-pay tour is the Jurassic Safari "Adventure" Ride.   We rode on motorized carts on tracks and were chased by the same dancing dinosaurs (Remember to keep extra attention on your kids and explain that these dinosaurs are not real. I saw one child, who ended up crying).

Entrance fee as posted in their facebook site:
Adult - Php 350.00
Kids - Php 300.00
FREE for 2yrs old and below.

Jurassic Safari Ride
Entrance fee - Php 150.00

Dinosaur Island is located along Gil Puyat Ave. Clark Freeport Zone Angeles City Pampanga. (near El Kabayo at the back of Clark Pinic Grounds)
is open daily from 9am to 5pm.


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  1. Oh that is AWESOMEEEEEE! My eldest was crazy over Jurassic Park for years and this would be an amazing trip. Definitely pushing Pampanga to our top 5 destinations for a road trip. Can't wait to show my hubby this.


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