March 19, 2013

Subic Bay (the Beach)

A stroll along Subic beach by the Waterfront Road, together with the mandatory Post Exchange (PX) goods shopping are agenda regulars, whenever we visit Subic.
It has been a while since our last trip here and I was honestly a bit sad to see how dirty the beach shore line has become
(visitors have been literally trashing the beach - bad! bad!).  
On the east side of the beach now rise restaurants and establishments that has taken away most of the beach front, previously meant for leisurely beach strolls.  Visitors would have to cram on whatever is left of the beach (or pay extra to get a good view from one of the expensive restaurants along the beach shoreline...haiz!)
There was a sign that says "NO SWIMMIMG".  Obviously we know why.
My boys managed to get a cleaner portion of the beachfront and striked Ninjago poses to celebrate.

Sorry, no swimming guys :(

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