March 17, 2013

Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Our side trip to this fun, family zoo (tucked on top of Sacocia valley, housed inside Paradise Ranch in Clark Pampanga) is money well spent.

It was an honest to goodness interactive zoo-trip that my family enjoyed.

The valley is about 15 minutes rough road, uphill drive outside the Clark Economic Free Zone (CFEZ) so it is ideal that you bring your own car. 

Entrance to Zoocobia Zoo
The entrance to the zoo was a little unassuming, but the inside of these gates was a totally different story.

We were greeted by a personal tour guide that comes free with the entrance tickets we paid for  (although a well earned tip, after a friendly tour won't hurt). 

There were plenty of things to do once inside. 

I have enumerated suggested activities below.

(1) Birds feeding.  There are about a 100 parakeets/love birds inside this huge cage and you get to feed them on the palm of your hands. Since I am on the ticklish side, I stood by the corner and decided to leave this activity to my hubby.

Ticklish pala si Paps!!!
Now for the brave of hearts, try feeding those huge beaked ostriches!  Again an activity definitely not me.
Yummy :P

(2)  Zoo tour.  Fun and educational to see those animals upfront and so close.  Most of them were sleeping though :(


Well, hello there Mr. Parrot!
It was a perfect day to laze around... zzzzz....
(3) The Barn was a hit with my kiddos.   They got to experience bottle feeding the baby animals.
Camera shy :P

This kid finished 2 bottles of milk!

(4) The Zooc Ride was the highlight of this tour.  Although I lost to my boys, it was fun racing downhill :D

(5) My eldest braved the the miniature horses and had swell fun playing cowboy.

My handsome cowboy!

Go drum-drum before going home!  My boys were all good sports.

Ingenious deco! This bird's nest is made of paper mache.

Love Zoocobia!  
A recommended MUST see, in your next family vacation if you are heading to Clark Pampanga.

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