March 9, 2013

Mequeni Cafe and Restaurant (Holiday Inn Clark Pampanga)

After all the wonderful reviews I have read in the net, we just had to try out this 4.5 stars Trip Advisor recommended restaurant. 
We went there for night time snacks. Was happy to see that pastries were sold at discounted prices. I guess we came in just before closing time. 
My husband ordered croissant,sugar-coated donut and carrot cake for sharing. 
My boys had cold chocolate drinks, while me and hubby had coffee (sorry no picture of the coffee).

Can't say anything extra-ordinary about the pastries and drinks.  It was just okay for me.  I think I was expecting something extra. 
After eating, we paid our bill and left for our hotel room.
When we got to our hotel room, my boys got excited over  Belgian chocolates, housekeeping left in our room. 
The kiddos were all smiles as they munch on the token chocolates!  Now this was the extra I was looking for earlier at the Mequeni coffe shop.

Yummy chocolates :P

Buffet breakfast came free with our room package.  The food spread was plenty and varied, unfortunately we were still full from our late night eating.

 The boys instead feasted on fruits and light bread :P 
NOTE TO SELF: "Remember, NO late snacks before an early morning feast :D "

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