September 23, 2014

Glamour Box - Flawless Beauty (August 2014)

Is flawless beauty a possibility (chuckles)?  Glamour box,  put together Flawless Beauty themed box for August  2014.  In the box are flaw fixers products  for an almost perfect beauty (hehehe).

Unlike the previous boxes, this one is literally lighter in weight, as I open my loot (...fingers crossed) I was hoping contents are worth my hard-earned P595.

What's inside:

1. Ofra Cosmetics - Long Lasting Lipsticks (in Laguna Beach).  Full size 8g costs P950.  It is a liquid lipstick that promises to nourish your lips with anti-oxidants and Vitamin E.  I am so eager to try this one!  I have long been hunting for a perfect lipstick that lasts and doesn't feather.  I hope this one does the trick.

2. Ellana Minerals

(a) Multi-purpose Mineral Powder in Halo. Full size 1g costs P160. It is an all around color you can use as an eyeliner, eyeshadow, lip color, bronzer and body shimmer.  I have been seeing lots of hype on mineral powders lately. Compared to your traditional liquid or pressed powder formula, mineral powder are actually loose powder.  Experts say this type of makeup contains less irritants and is easier to remove.  I honestly find them quite difficult and a bit messy to apply.

(b) Brilliance and Lip Scrub in Strawberry Vanilla. Full size 10g costs P165.  It helps improve your lips texture by scrubbing you dry and flaking lips.  I love the smell of strawberry vanilla flavor, should be equally good when applied on. I will be trying real soon.  

4. Belo Essentials

(a) AcnePro Pimple Fighting Face Wash - Full size 50ml costs P99.75
(b) Treatment Toner  - Full size 60ml costs P79.75
(c) Pimple Gel - Full size 10g costs P149.75

Pimple fighting is every normal (others are just blessed with naturally pimple free skin) woman's battle, especially when hormones rage just before or after menstruation period. 

Happy to have received this complete pack, it gives me no excuse to keep my skin healthy looking and pimple free.

Active component of the Belo Essentials pack is purified bee venom.  I have read bee venom as a component in beauty products, tricks the skin into thinking it had been stung by a bee, causing the body to direct blood flow towards the area and help stimulate production of collagen, hence strengthening tissue making skin more elastic and youthful (ehem, I am beginning to like this product already!).

5. TRESemm'e - Smooth and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. Full size 440ml costs  P275 each.  I am already a TRESemm'e convert and I have been using this product for about a year now. It does wonder for my fizzy and often unmanageable hair.

The samples included are rather small.  I would normally rant about how I hate sampler sized products in beauty boxes, but this time, I actually liked that I got small-on the go sized packs, perfect for my next travel.

As a bonus:
6. Beauty Republic - Original Dramatic BB Tinted Cream and Dramatic Green Touch BB Tinted Cream (I surrender what is a beauty box without sampler sachets?) - Full size 30ml costs P695/pc.  

I have been loving BB and CC creams lately. BBs and CCs even out skin tones and makes your blemishes disappear instantly.  A plus for this product is that they also nourish your skin as they color. 

So these two (2) samplers went straight to my make-up kit.

I surely got my money's worth. My total loot costs would easily add up to P1600 excluding my TRESemm'e and BB samples.

My August Glamour Box surely hit the mark!  

(H u g e  G R I N)

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