September 6, 2014

Transformers' Themed School Birthday Party

We skipped the usual big party preparation for my son's sixth (6) birthday and opted for an in school birthday party.
My son enjoyed the recent Transformers' movie so much, a transformers' themed birthday party was an easy decision.
School birthday parties are simple and easier than a full party celebration.
With the following key elements: invitation, food, loot bag, cake and balloon.
First. I coordinated with my son's adviser to:
  • agree on the time (including duration) and date of the party
  • get the names of my son's classmates
  • get the number of teachers and teachers' aides
  • agree on party program sequence
Second the invites.
"Transform and Roll Out" was a nice catch phrase I found in the web.  I contacted a friend with a printing business "Mka De Signs and Prints" and ended with this beautiful invitation.

Third the loot bag.  I spent most of my budget on loot bags.  Since I already saved a lot on entertainment, venue, etc.), 
I splurged a bit on loot bags. 
I wanted a re-usable packaging for the loots. 
and found a utility box at the Japanese Home with blue and pink handle.   


The loots - lego imitation toys (I got them cheaper in bulk), cookies, chocolates and candies (I got the good brands, ones that I would give my own kids).
To give the utility box the Transformer theme, I attached individual bag tags, also printed by Mka De Signs and Prints.


Fourth is the cake.  Guilty of stealing the design  from the web!  I gave the design to a baker friend who was happy to customize for me
(for a fee, of course!)

Fifth. The balloons were difficult to find, as they must have transformers' prints. 
I was relieved I found these in Sulit. 

Sixth. Food came from KFC.
As the party starts early at 830 (on time for recess), we placed our orders the night before.
For the children, we ordered the Spaghetti Fully Loaded meal (at P150 per meal), which comes with spaghetti, chicken, French fries (for fixin') and water (KFC allows change from softdrinks to bottled water at no additional cost), the meal also came with soup (but we did not serve them anymore).

We also got Spoonful for the children (which was a good thing since ice cream would be difficult to transport, the spoonful doesn't melt easy).

For the adults, we ordered 1 pc Chicken Fully Loaded.

It sure was tiring, but worth it. 
The kids were all happy with their loots and balloons and my child can't stop smiling ~ hugging and kissing me the entire time!   
I love my mommy duty!
(1) Kids would most likely be unable to finish their food, so it is best you come prepared and bring "to go plastic/paper bags".  We got extra paper bags from KFC.
(2) Although the kids went wild over the balloons, these were hard to transport.  We hardly fit into an AUV with KFC food boxes, cakes and 21 balloons inside.  
(3) Order extra for the utility, guards and your child's school service driver.
(4) Bring your own garbage bag and paper towels (spills are bound to happen) and help clean the room.
(5) Make a checklist of the things to do and bring.  Often left items are: candle, lighter/matches and cake knife (if you are serving the cake).

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