October 4, 2009

Miracle first hand

Our son, Raj Jibril, then five months old was admitted at the Philippine Heart Center - Pediatric ICU last Feb 7. He was to remain there for 1 1/2 months. He has contracted a highly toxic bacteria called “staph” and was diagnosed for Staph Pneumonia.

His lung condition was so bad; he was close to blue when we first got him to the PHC. We were told that this bacteria is an aggressive type, abroad, patients afflicted with this bacteria die in less than 72 hours.

Doctors were not expecting our baby to make it. His breathing was 80% ventilator dependent, his fever round the clock, he also has bleeding in his stomach and his lungs were 90% filled with water and pus.

His next three weeks at the PHC was a nightmare. He was intubated (tube into his mouth straight to his lungs), dual tube inserted into his right chest for draining off the liquid, air leaks and pus in his lungs. He has needle marks in his arms, wrists and legs. He also has two cut downs one in each of his inner thighs. Seeing him like that was a very painful sight.

His condition worsened on week three. He has not responded to any of the numerous (4th generation antibiotics) medicines administered to him. His body is no longer fighting off the bacteria in his body. The bacteria have been in there for so long his body is now being tricked into thinking it is already part of his system.

Although pus and liquid coming from his lungs has lessened, air leaks continues to increase and will not stop.

Doctors explain that if the bubbles coming out of our baby’s lungs persist they would have to operate as liquid and puss will again set in, if the leaks are not patched or removed.

Doctors did a CT Scan on our son, only to confirm what his numerous x-rays and CBC checks indicate, his lungs are severely damaged. His left lungs 90% non-functioning and his right showing indications of 50% damage as well.

At that time, operating - opening up our baby to see the extent of the damage and salvage whatever can be saved from his lungs was the best option. We agreed to an operation, how could we not? Our son has five specialist attending to him - two pediatric surgeons, two pediatric pulmonologist and a pediatric cardiologist.

He was scheduled for operation on Feb 20 (Friday), he looks so fragile and so helpless - we wonder how will he make it out of that OR. Operating might further weaken him and give the bacteria an ideal condition to take full control.

Doctors have given us very little hope. We were told to pray and expect the worst.

We decided, we are not losing hope and will put our trust in God.

We have sought and begged for prayers from friends and families. People were praying for Jibril 24-7 around the world from all religious denominations - Muslims, born again Christians, El Shaddai, were all seeking God’s intervention for Jibril’s recovery.
Everything was ready day of the operation, noon time, his schedule. The OR was set, blood for transfusion, in case of heavy blood lost available. We then saw his doctors walk by towards the ICU - to do a final run down and discussion the operation plan. We anxiously wait to be called, but the call only came at 330pm.

God has given us a miracle in Jibril. His lead surgeon, noticed that there was a sudden decrease in bubbling (from (3/4 of a 5-litter bottle to a less than a 1/8), the drop, was substantial to call off the operation. Doctors said, they are waiting off three more days and if Jibril’s condition continues to improve, an operation is no longed needed. It has been a month since and Jibril’s health has been improving.

We were finally released from the hospital on March 23.

Doctors were not able to explain what happened. It took them 3 1/2 hours to deliberate and decide to call off the operation. Our son is healing slowly and is now back in his old self.

God saved our son, He has allowed him to live and become a living testament of His glory.

Thank you for your incessant prayers. Your prayers and faith has given our son a second chance in life.


  1. This experience has inspired me to be a blogger. I wanted to share what we have gone through and how God was there for us every step of the way.

  2. Praise God! I shed some tears reading your post, sis. The pain of a mother seeing her child like that would have been unimaginable. My son, too, stayed in pediatric ICU (when he was born) before and it was one of the lowest points in my life. But God listens :)

    This is the first article I read today and it feels good. Miracles do happen. God bless!

  3. God is so good. thank you for sharing your experience, Juvy. This makes us all thankful that the Lord is indeed so good. kisses to your baby boy :)

  4. I feel for you sis. I never doubted God's healing power. Truly, God's miracle happens especially for those who believed. Hugs for you sis.


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