October 4, 2009

God has blessed us so!!!

This was written by my mother’s “Vicky” sister, “Lita”. They are both in the US. Tita Lita has been so helpful and generous to my parents. God has blessed us tremendously and it shows through people like her whose unwavering support and love has given my parents strength and courage.
Hello Beloved ones,

‘Couldn’t help but share with you one of the greatest testimony in the life of Ate Vicky, which had deeply touched my heart, and had blessed so many. (Efren and Lily can surely attest to this). An awesome verse which inspired us to share His Word is in Romans 1:16, “For I am not ashamed to proclaim the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes.”
All of us know that inspite of Ate’s long journey of living a life on one eye alone, her faith and trust in God has never failed…neither did she lose heart - she diligently seek God’s face, stands on His divine promises of healing, and most of all the Word of God became her constant companion. We cried with her, prayed with her, and patiently await of God’s miracle. In her worst condition, she still had managed to do things on her own, taking the burden upon herself than ask for any help.

She underwent a cataract surgery 4 months ago which unfortunately worsened the condition of her eye, which made her almost legally blind…’couldn’t fathom the ordeal she went through thriving in the dark.
In our helplessness, the thought of suing the doctor (Dr. Lan Nguyen) who performed the cataract surgery came into our mind so many times. We continued to pray for God’s direction. Ate shared moments that many nights she cried before slumber, and thinking to herself, that what if she’ll wake up one morning with her sight restored.

One day, we found ourselves meeting with Dr. L. Nguyen. In a very assertive manner, we voiced out our concern regarding the unexpected and disappointing result of the surgery. We told her, we will be seeking for a 2nd and another opinion from other doctors, and we want to prove what went wrong. My voice was soft but strong and firm, and I saw her facial expression changed, like suddenly she became very concerned, if not probably scared. She left for a few minutes, made some phone calls, then came back with an authorization for us to see a doctor at Stanford Hospital (one of the best hosp. in the valley) immediately.
Hearing “Stanford” gave me and Ate a glimpse of hope.
A week after that, we saw Dr. Christopher Ta at Stanford, and confirmed after some extensive test that Ate will need a Corneal Transplant…
A surgery where a cornea from a donor will be grafted to a patient’s eye, hoping that it would adapt, adhere and be compatible to the patient. Although this surgery has been proven to be highly successful, there is still a 20% risk of infection, and rejection. Unfortunately, Dr. Ta wouldn’t be able to perform the surgery because he is scheduled to go on a 2 months research sabbatical leave. That is a very long time to wait in Ate’s condition. Dr. Ta recommended a very good Doctor who specializes on Corneal transplants…He is Doctor David Hwang of UCSF (University of California San Francisco), founder and director of Corneal Transplant facility. After 2 weeks of waiting if Ate can be accepted there due to availability of appointments, and Insurance issues, she finally was required to go through tests and Pre-operative appointments for 2 consecutive days. Then again, we were asked to wait for the Insurance authorization to come to make sure the surgery will be covered completely…This was another test for us to remain patient and hold on to the faith that the Lord shall intervene - then finally, we receive information that the insurance shall fully cover all the expenses for the surgery.
August 5th, when she was scheduled for a 6 hour surgery + recovery time. Ate was calm and composed. The message rendered by Pastor P.J. on that Sunday before her surgery about hope and trust by not worrying gave her enough grace, strength and consolation.
A minute before they took Ate to the surgery room, I told the doctor, “Doc, my sister’s eye is in your hands.”…I couldn’t believe when he answered, “Nope!, it is in God’s Hands, not mine.” Ate and I felt the whole world smiled, and a big load was taken off our chest…then I boldly asked him, “I hope you don’t mind me asking, Doctor, are you a Christian?”…and as he replied a Yes answer, he grasped Ate’s hand, and began praying…his exact words were: “Lord, I pray that you give me and my staff the skills, and the wisdom we need for a successful operation”….etc…HOW AWESOME CAN THAT BE!…I whispered to myself, this is truly a work of God. A Christian doctor who inspite of he already earned skills and wisdom still humbled himself and sought His divine intervention. What an inspiration!
On the way home, Ate threw up many times due to the effect of the anaesthesia…with her head tilted up, I felt so sorry seeing her in this sad plight, eyes covered, completely blinded.
The next morning, we came back to the hospital for a Post-Operative check up…As the doctor slowly uncovered and examined the eye, the only phrase that came from his mouth is “PRAISE THE LORD!!!”.
The doctor was amazed at the rate Ate’s sight was restored. She was able to read the letters shown to her.
Finally, after another week, as the 2nd part of her Post-operative visit, the doctor confirmed that Ate’s corneal transplant was nicely in place, without any sign of infection nor rejection….and what amazed the doctor is Ate’s healing faster than what he thought and expected. God works in His wondrous ways!
Last Sunday in church, as Ate ( I was standing right beside her) boldly shared her testimony, I happened to set eyes on Kuya Joey whose tears he cannot contain…people cried, they laughed, and they rejoiced with their Sister in Christ who with her unfailing love and faith in God won this marvelous gift of victory….and we all know, that this miracle shall live forever in the heart of our beloved sister, ATE VICKY.

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