October 4, 2009

Feeling Beachy!

I am a traveller by heart!

I love every details of it from planning, packing, doing itineraries and shopping. Two kids ages 5 and 1 - both boys, aint stopping this mama from touring.

I am again planning another vacation for the family - for my 33rd birthday. I am glued to my laptop surfing for the perfect vacation spot for my boys. My eldest loves the beach so I am guessing its going to be a beach vacation for this birthday!

We have been to San Juan in Batangas before and we simply adore the place. I enjoy the walks across the so... so... kilometer long stretch of sand. I am also enthralled looking at small fishes swimming nearby. The water is so at peace, you wont get scared your kids running about. Altough I got scared of the many "talangka" that might bite and the star fishes and jelly fishes that might sting. The place is tranquil and the people of San Juan are very accommodating. Wont hurt if we go there again this year.

We could go to either La Luz or Sabangan, although my sister just mentioned Coral Beach as a better alternative.

Oh well, will probably be surfing the net once more in search of the perfect get-away.

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