October 4, 2009

A Letter of Thanks to a Dear Aunt

Dad’s operation, Mom’s surgery and Jibril’s recovery are testaments of His greatness. None would have succeeded without His divine intervention. We are truly blessed because we have personally experienced His greatness not once but thrice. And everyday in our lives we continue, to live these miracles over and over as we are reminded of His love for us, through people like YOU.
He has continuously blessed us with people who truly love us and cares for us. And we thank Him even more because He has given you to us. You are truly a manifestation of His unceasing love and graciousness.
Thank you, Tita for being always there for Mommy, Daddy and even Joboy. You have given so much and continue to share whatever you have with all your heart, without pretensions.
Thank you for all the prayers and help you have extended to my family there in the US.
We are NOT there physically. Sometimes we cry because we are not there to comfort our parents. It is difficult to be away to family especially at times we need each other the most. But prayer soothes us and after each prayer we feel stronger and somehow at ease. We know in our heart or hearts that everything will turn out fine because God provides and answers our prayers. We believe God has used you and is using you as answer to ours.
Thank you very much. We pray for you and your love ones also. Our prayer is that may God continue to bless you so that you may continue to be a blessing to others.

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