March 11, 2015

Iloilo Date Night with my Ex - 1 Night Only

My Ex (now my hubby) and I would often go out on weekend dates leaving the kids with my parents.  And occasionally on out of town trips without tugging our kids along.

Our latest escapade was a 4D/3N Iloilo - Guimaras trip (2 nights in Guimaras and 1 night in Iloilo).   Iloilo is a charming bustling city, in contrast  to rustic and rural Guimaras.

Sharing here, how we spent our 1 day in Iloilo.

I. Heritage Tour 
  • Breakthrough Restaurant - simply one of the best tasting seafood restaurants I have been too. We had crabmeat (super delicious and so cool, no need to get your hands all dirty), mixed vegetables and stuffed grilled squid.  Ex, is not yet done with his Guimaras-mango galore and ordered 3 glasses of mango shake (1 for me, and 2 for him). We paid about P500 for the entire meal.

Breakthrough is situated by the beachfront.  Location was obviously an A+. It was like dining in Boracay.

The stuffed squid is perfectly grilled ~ moist and tender. I also fell in love with the crabmeat, absolute must order! 

  • Miag-ao Church - a lovely Baroque Church that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Miag-ao Church is  also known as the Miag-ao Fortress Church since it also served as a defensive tower against Muslim raids. 

  • Guimbal Church - one of the oldest churches in the country. The church is made of adobe stones ~ igang and coral stones quarried from Guimaras. 


Check here my separate review of this one of a kind attraction ~ CAMINA NGA BALAY NA BATO
II. Sweet Heart Tour ~ Our sweet heart tour started late in the afternoon.
  • Plazuela - is a beautifully designed complex, that took inspiration from Italian and Spanish architecture. The complex houses a multitude of restaurants and specialty shops.

I know, it was a picture taking galore (pasensya na)!

  • Ponsyon (by Breakthrough), Plazuela ~ is an upscale version of Breakthrough.  We obviously enjoyed our Breakthrough lunch earlier, that dinner at Ponsyon was almost a default decision.

We had baked oysters (one of the best I have had), clam soup, bangus sisig, plus yup the staple mango shake!  We paid about P700 (yes and that's upscale!) for our order.

  • River Esplanade - Clean and safe and free!  The night was cold and skies clear, with just enough stars to add up to the romantic walk.  This for me was the best part of our date night ~ plus an effective way to shed of all the pounds I gained from my eating galore earlier.
Sorry for the poor lighting and bad photo, the place is so nicer up-close.

  • Tea at Latte Coffee and Cakes, Riverside Boardwalk
    ~ such a perfect way to end the evening.

The cakes are just for show,  we only had tea and coffee :P


  1. Would love to go to Iloilo with my whole family!

  2. Hoping one day me and hubby could have this kind of vacation. Waiting for the kids to grow up,then maybe we could have some romantic out of town trip. Oh, and I love baked oysters (",)

  3. Those baked oysters were delicious! Love them too! My boys are now 10 and 6 and my mom is vacationing from the States so we figured we take the opportunity to travel as a couple.

  4. Awwwwww... I've always wished to have a quality with my husband... :( Hay... super deep sigh... sana soon. and of course, Iloilo would be one of them. :) NIce naman un photo na last one- super romantic.

  5. Iloilo, one of my local dream destination. Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. The last time I was in Iloilo was 2011. I'd like to go visit the place again soon.

  7. I want to visit Iloilo soon!!! My mother and my mother-in-law are both Bisaya... the last time we went there was 2006 pa yata, sana soon we can visit again so I can check out the places you posted here. Thanks for your post.

  8. Lovely! I have never gone to Iloilo pa, but I know many people who hail from the province. I how I can also visit it someday!

  9. Been both to Iloilo and Guimaras, unfortunately, I wasn't able to really roam around, especially in Guimaras. Hope to get back there again soon!

  10. Haven't visited Iloilo but it looks really a nice place. It is nice to see you there with your "ex" :D

  11. Never been to this side of the country.. hopefully soon I can bring my family there :)

  12. Love the oysters and mangoes. This will be next on my Panay trip. -MacySantos


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