March 27, 2015

How to be Debt Free and Financially Free

Do you often worry about your future and your children's?

Well, this is a legitimate fear and this fear heightens everyday as you age.

Like you, I want to be financially able even after retirement. "Ayaw kong maging pabigat sa aking mga anak o mga kamag-anak. I definitely would not want to live on charities".

The answer to this fear, is simple and the first step towards becoming truly rich is KNOWLEDGE and an UNDERSTANDING of MONEY and HOW IT WORKS.

The step towards financial freedom starts with the CHINK+ Do-It-Yourself MONEY KIT.

It is a simple, applicable and attainable tool to help you learn how to SAVE, BUDGET, INVEST and STAY DEBT FREE. 

This kit will give a step-by-step instruction to keep track of your finances. Everything you need to know about MONEY is creatively and intentionally combined in this kit.

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Chinkee Tan is a well-known Wealth and Life Coach. He is an influential person and speaker in the field of personal finance and is an author of numerous best-selling books on financial wellness.  He is  also the host of the award winning show "Chink Positive", on Radyo 5 92.3 News FM and simulcast on Aksyon TV.

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