May 19, 2013

Beach Bumming at Canyon Cove Nasugbu Batangas

 Three hours away from Manila and just about an hour away from Tagaytay is Nasugbu Batangas. 

I got a weekend deal from a group buying site and ended up 110kms South of Manila in Canyon Cove Residential Beach Resort,

The drive to Nasugbu was a breeze... all thanks to the C6 shortcut via Taytay out Bicutan (also saved us a couple of bucks on toll fees).   

The resort lobby was flooded with guests. It was understandable that it would take the receptionist another hour to get everyone settled in.

We were led to a 2nd floor superior room with 2 twin size bed and a bay bed (spacious enough for 5 adults). 
It took my kids just seconds to warm up to the beds.  The room is quite comfortable ~ I could just stay here for the rest of the day and sleep inside this well-airconditioned room.

The room opens to a balcony with a view of the beach below.  We just love, how, the rooms are situated and with direct access to the water excitement below.

Our view of the beach (unfortunately blocked the trees outside).  I think a 3rd floor room would have a better view. 

The resort has play ground. 
My youngest played a while, but I had to cut short the fun, as it was scorching hot outside.

The pool comes as a good alternative to those who hate the feel of sand on their face. There were a lot swimming, but the pool was so huge, the volume of people dwarfed in size.
Water is clean and warm, just perfect for the kiddos. 

Nothing beats the beach for these boys though.

We so love sunsets in the Philippines!  Very romantic...

 Canyon Cove Residential Resort is just perfect for family get-aways.

If not for the poor food options, would have easily given this place a 5 out of 5.  Food was real bad ~ our office cafeteria food tastes better at 1/4 the cost we paid for. 

For better meal options, I suggest a 5-10 minutes drive out the resort to Nasugbu town proper and head to Kainan sa Dalampasigan.

Canyon Cove Resort  Far East Road, Piloto Wawa, Nasugbu, Batangas.

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