May 4, 2013

My MOMARCO Resort Tanay

If you are looking for a family resort in Tanay Rizal, Momarco Resort may just well be the one you are looking for. 

I was here last April for an impromptu summer getaway with my family.

Momarco Resort is a haven surrounded by the lush forest of Tanay. 
I was immediately drawn to the well manicured garden, the resort's huge pool.

It was a hot sunny day, but the forest that surrounds the resort creates breeze, enough to cool the place.  If there is a hammock near by, I would have laid down and taken a doze off.

The gazebos are very maintained and the place surprisingly clean - despite the volume of guests. I saw a couple of resort staff regularly roaming around and taking after trash left over by slob guests.
Gazebo comes in small, medium and large size. 
We got a medium gazebo as they were located nearer the pool area. 

Huge ground, clean grounds (ants free :P).  I saw guests lazing on the grass!
My paps surveying the land below :P  - sight: just lovely!

Play ground is in good condition with rubber matting.

My family - loving Momarco...
(1) If you are a busy mom and hates packing baon, Momarco has a restaurant that services guests.  Food price is reasonable with hefty servings.  Order in advance and agree on a pick up time, so that you need not wait long for your orders to finish.
(2) There are plenty of security guards in the place and you would really feel safe, however, still be wary where you park your car or leave your belongings.  
If possible park where your car is visible to the security guards and ask them to watch over it - we almost had our car bumper stolen (we were obviously parked in an obstructed area). 
(3) Stop over one of the many fruit stands along the road.  Buy mangoes (especially the small ones - super sweet) for pasalubong, they are among the best produce of Tanay.
(4) If you still have time, go to Regina Ricca - I love this place and will be back again soon.
(5) if you are visiting on a weekend or a holiday, expect volumes of guests.  Come early or make reservations - gazebos are limited.
Enjoy summer everyone!

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