February 7, 2015

The Luge and Skyride at Singapore Sentosa

Included in our Sentosa 1 Day Play Pass is roundtrip ride to the Sentosa Skyline Luge.

The line at the Luge was long and winding (literally)... but that was fine since this ride is a MUST try when visiting Sentosa.

The Luge and Skyride are actually two rides. 

The Luge takes you downhill, while the Skyride takes you back up.
The ride downhill takes approximately 5 minutes, and the skyride about 10 minutes.

The LUGE is a gravity thrill ride, with a unique braking system that takes cruising or speeding downhill.  I was only at cruising  speed though since I was riding with my youngest. However, hubby and my eldest son were (hmmn...carefully) speeding downhill. 

The Skyride was like riding a ferris wheel only lateral.  I was a bit scared for the boys, as we were seated very high up, traversing on cable! 

  1. It was fun riding the Luge and the Skyride.  Although the boys loved the Skyride more. I think the height adds to the excitement.
  2. I can't say the Luge is really safe, since I saw a teen girl with bruised elbow being attended by the Luge medics. I guess one needs to exercise caution in steering the luge, especially next to steep corners.
  3. Be careful driving, but don't forget to have fun!
  4. It can be hot up on the Skyride so apply sunblock for protection.
  5. Be careful with loose belongings, especially your cellphones, cameras and wallets. Please avoid booboos.

For updated pricing please visit the Sentosa website:  SENTOSA LUGE AND SKYRIDE.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your family experience! I hope someday my family gets to visit Sentosa too. God bless! :)

  2. I hope we can go back to SG soon, there seems to be a lot of stuff we haven't experienced :)

  3. i miss sentosa, havent been in awhile :)

  4. This looks so much fun. ^^ I guess we have to try this if ever we'll visit Singapore :) Thanks for sharing.

  5. Would love to go back to SG. I'm sure my hubby would enjoy the Luge and Skyride :)

  6. I want to try that! Your posts really make me want to go visit Singapore, you know, ASAP? Haha!

  7. Thanks for these helpful tips. I'll definitely keep them in mind when we visit Sentosa before we ride the Luge and the Skyride.

  8. There is nothing better than seeing the world with our family... Traveling gives us perspective. A passport and a plane ticket and a plan for adventure feels like the best gift that we can possibly give to our kids. =)

  9. Will check this out when we go back to SG :)

  10. Oooohh that Skyride is something I have always wanted to try. I haven't been to SG yet though. Hopefully, in the future. :)

  11. We tried these too! And I hope we can go back when our soon is a ittle older to join the fun.

  12. I think the skyride is exciting but a bit scary. I will take note on this when we visit SG.


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