October 17, 2014

Ready, Aim, SMILE and SHOOT!

Have you ever heard of Purpose Driven Photography
Purpose Driven Photography is the life blood of Imagine Nation Photography Inc.   It is using ones given talent in photography for the greater glory of God. It may sound cliché or melo-dramatic for some, But really, what good is there in  taking beautiful photos if these are empty and there is no heart in them?

Imagine Nation Photography and it's sister company Wang Videography offer video and photography services that commits to help you remember cherished occasions, as extra special.   

(pictures courtesy of imaginenationphoto.com website)

Behind these beautiful and exquisite photographs is a group of gifted individuals, whose passion for photography and love of God has bonded them together.    
Through their apprenticeship programs, they heartedly teach photography skills to aspiring photographers; and beyond that the attitude and character that come with the skills.

Now for my impromptu photo:

This is true happiness!  
You don't just see it,  you feel it
and know that I am sincerely happy.  
Thanks Rochelle!  You guys are awesome.  
* * * * *
For your special occasions or if you are simply interested in one of their purpose driven photography workshops,  I recommend  services from Imagine Nation Photography and Wang Videography.  

Check out their website at http://imaginenationphoto.com/system/


Contact Ms. Roch Palmiano  
0917-5634585 / 713-7189


  1. Now that's what makes Imagine Nation interesting for me. There have been so many photography businesses that sprouted, I can no longer tell which ones are better than the other. (Maliban na lang kung talagang swangit ang shots).

    Thanks for sharing this, I will tell my husband to consider them for their events. :)


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