October 16, 2014

Hoodie Jackets, Anyone?

I was on a hunt for customized-matching hoodies for my boys, and I was so excited seeing Authority Hoodies (AH) at the last Blogapalooza event.

AH is an online store specializing on specially crafted hoodies/jackets and plushies.  

I was instantly gravitated to their booth.  On display are hoodies, inspired by comic, anime, famous movies and game characters. 

How groovy is that?  

AH hoodies are well, with an apparent attention to details. P The materials used are also of very good quality. These hoodies  resemble the inspiration-character perfectly, but still classy and not over the top!

Check these out!

I know right? These hoodies are so #sexycool!  My boys will go gaga over these hoodies for sure. 

For inquiries, check them out in facebook~Authority Hoodie.

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