April 27, 2014

Ridgewood Residence Baguio (our little Camp John Hay Manor)

I was on a hunt for a last minute decent, but affordable hotel accommodation in Baguio on a Holy Week and saw this small boutique hotel via Asia Travel.  Ridgewood Residence's price was perfect for our budget.
There were mixed reviews (both good and bad) in the net, but given the price (which was a major consideration) and the difficulty of looking for an alternative hotel on a Holy Week, I don't think I can really be choosy now, can I? 
From Top (L-R), (a) Ridgewood signage, (b) hotel view form the drive way, (c) Ridgewood's walk-in garden and (d) my boys cozily seating by the receiving area.

From Top to Bottom (L-R), (a) clean basic bath, (b) generous toiletries supply and (c) my youngest doing his famous bed test :P 

From L-R (Top to Bottom), (a) Dining interiors, (b) buffet breakfast set-up, (c) fresh fruits and (d) my boys ready for breakfast 

Ridgewood Residences is akin to a mini-Camp John Hay Manor (CJHM) in looks.  It has a rustic ambiance to it, transporting guests back to the old Baguio I used to know. 

This hotel is tucked a few minutes away, Baguio City proper.
This may be difficult for those, without personal transportation (although taxi is not at all difficult to find), but for us, this was an opportunity to really get to enjoy Baguio's beauty away from the crowd and pollution.   

The hotel also has one of most attentive and amiable personnel, I have met, which gives the feel you are staying in your own vacation home.

The choices for the complimentary buffet breakfast were limited, but these were very delicious (well, the fact that breakfast was served by cordial staff spelled the difference).

If you are looking for cozy-homey hotel in Baguio City, Ridgewood Residence may be the hotel for you.

Ridgewood Residences is located at #17 Julian Felipe St., Brgy. Lualhati, Baguio City. 

For inquiries you may call their Manila Office at (632) 299-6411 or through mobile (632) 299-6411.

(a) The deluxe room may be a little small for a family of 2 adults and 2 kids, I would suggest you get an extra bed or book a bigger room.

(b) The rooms are not air-conditioned, but you wont need any (just open the veranda windows and feel Baguio's magic).



  1. Sounds lie a great getaway! The last time I went to Baguio was 10 years ago! Sigh.

    1. Now is good time to go back. TPLEX and SCTEX just dropped travel time to mere 5 hours.

  2. Thanks for a very honest review of the place, this is very helpful and useful to Mom's looking for a place to stay while in Baguio

    Bloghopping from our FB Group: Mommy Bloggers Philippines

    Just keep on inspiring and informing others thru your blog

    its me,
    Cielo of Brown Pinay


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