September 17, 2012

Up and Down and Around Ocean Park HK

 Jumping back and forth
the Waterfront and the Summit at Ocean Park has now become easier.
You have the option to take the Ocean Express or do the popular scenic route via
OP's famous Cable car. 
The Ocean Express is a funicular train that transports riders to and fro OP's Waterfront and Summit in less that 10 minutes. 
It runs inside a tunnel that cuts through a mountain (I think). 
There is a mini show inside the train about creatures underneath the sea. Real cool!!!
It is a good alternative if you want to move low land to high land in a hurry. 
The entrance to the Ocean Express - swift and safe
The Ocean Express

Inside the Ocean Express

Not for the faint of heart is OP's Cable Car.
It takes you to a 30minutes or so uphill climb to the Summit.
Vista is great, but a little scary. 

Entrance to the Cable Car Station

Ain't scared, not at all :D
Its a long drop from up there,  quite scarry!

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