September 19, 2012

Holiday Inn Galleria - Birthday Weekend

My family is addicted to staycations! 
We just love lazing in frill hotels, without really having to travel miles.
.. and nothing seems to beat hotels with direct access to malls :) 
What can say? Travel, relax, eat and shop: HEAVEN!
For my youngest son's 4th birthday, I found a real steal deal via group buying. 
I bought a 2 bedroom suite at Holiday Inn Galleria - good for 4 adults and 2 kids.
The package comes with a 2 BR suite (each with its own bathroom and a tub at the master's bath) huge living room, dining area and a bar, plus buffet breakfast.
It was absolutely perfect for my family and my recently married sister.
the master's bedroom

bedroom 2 was as cozy as the master's bedroom

the master's bath

sitting inside the master's bedroom

my kids - getting  a feel of the bar! - a few shots maybe?

dining and living room

the splendid buffet breakfast - my youngest just sad to go :(

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