December 27, 2015

KidZania Manila Invasion: For First Timers

My children have been asking for a trip to KIDZANIA since it opened in Manila a few months back. 

We finally gave it a go and bought tickets online via TicketWorld.  The boys were just so thrilled.

MamaSpeaks, welcomes you  to KidZania!

What is KidZania?
KidZania is an indoor role play city where kids can be anybody they want to be. It is it's own nation, where kids actually rule! And my boys are ready for some action.

Our timing was perfect. There were fewer crowd than KidZania's normal full house.   Waiting time was under 10 minutes (well except for the blockbuster Fire Station) ~ Lucky us. 

My 7 year old finished 11 activities (excluding lunch break, bus tour, opening an account and getting a passport) in his 9am-4pm shift. Not bad at all!

First stop ~ the Bank

At entry, the kids were handed KidZanian checks worth 50 kidZos.  Kids (yes parents wait outside, as for all of the other activities) must cash-in their check in the bank. 

  They can then open a bank account, to get an ATM card.  It is real fast and easy.  

Next Stop ~ Immigration

Before role playing, the boys applied for KidZanian passport. Applying for a passport requires parental consent and costs P250. I pre-applied the kids on-line, so the Immigration officer needed simply to retrieve their application from the database.

A passport gives your children a citiZen  status.  CitiZens get special benefits such as discounts and higher pay.  

Naturalized CitiZens for instance gets:
  • 5 kidZos discount on redemption items at the Department Store
  • 5% discount on National Store and Photography and
  • earns extra 2 kidZos per activity

A passport is a good investment, especially if you plan of coming back for more of KidZania.

Third Stop ~ City Tour Bus

A ride on board the tour bus cost 1 kidZo each. Taking the tour bus before doing any activity was a good call, as it gave us a good vista of the town for easier navigation afterwards.

 Parents wanting a break, would appreciate the Parents' Lounge located at the Mezzanine level. Here adults can charge their gadgets, or have coffee.

The boys had a blast playing make believe.  Here are pictures from from the activities they did.

As a radio talent at the DZMM/MOR Radio Station 

As a baker at the Goldilocks Bakeshop 

As construction workers

 Developing treats at the Oishi Creative Hub

 Flying a plane as a Pilot at the Cebu Pacific Hub

 As a patrol police officer at the KidZania Police Department (KZPD)

There are dozens of activities kids can try, a shift is not enough to finish them all. 

Here are the other activities we would come back for:

As a dentist  ~ just look at the make believe child seated on the dental chair. She looks life like.

As a fireman at the Fire Station ~ would definitely do this on our next visit.

As a court observer in the court house

Things to remember when visiting KidZania:

1. Activities may either earn your kids kidZos or cost them. Work activities earns, while activities that teaches cost kidZos.

 Use the map you receive upon entry as guide to check if the activity earns or costs kidZos.

2. Check the census plaques (like the one below), which are helpful guides to learning about the town's different activities. It contains information on age requirement, length of activity, number of visitors who may join the activity and whether the activity will earn or require spending of kidZos. 

Note: CitiZens pay 2 kidZos less or earns 2 kidZos more than published rates.

3. A visit to the KidZania website will  help you choose activities pre-hand.  Prioritize your child's personal interests, but try to encourage him on other activities outside these interests as well.

4. Get your tickets online to avoid disappointments.  You don't want to go there learning there are no more tickets left. When getting your tickets via TicketWorld you would notice that there is a ticket availability indicator (green means light crowd, while red means full house) ~ if you are not particular on the date, I suggest you delay your trip to a less crowded day.

5. Bring your camera and take lots of pictures.  Have fun and enjoy an educational bonding day with your kids.

6.  Most of the activities are for children ages 4-14 years old, however, I noticed that my older child (age 12) was not so keen on joining most of the activities. I think he has already outgrown role playing. It was however, perfect for my 7 year old, who was all over town.

Thumbs Up for KidZania Manila ~ Perfect place for Kids is a perfect place to dream and play!

We had a wonderful day at KidZania ~ we would surely be back for more.

 KidZania Manila is located  at the Park Triangle, North 11th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Tel No: +632 711-KidZ

For inquiries check KidZania's media pages:
instagram: @KidZaniaManila
twitter: @KidZaniaManila


  1. I've heard a lot of good things about Kidzania. We have yet to visit though... Is the place good for teenagers, too? :)

    1. Personally I think KidZania is best for 5-9 age bracket.
      My 7 year old enjoyed it more than my 11 year old. My 11 year old was already very selective of the activities he wanted.

  2. I'm so looking forward to bring my nieces here! Too bad Baby Charley is too young to enjoy the attractions. Thanks for sharing, Mommy. :)

  3. We were also planning to visit Kidzania for my 7yr.old, hopefully next month we can schedule our visit.

    1. I am sure he will like it there. My 7 year old was all over the place in hope to try everything. You can share here your KidZania experience. Would love to here about it too.

  4. my 10-year old guy has been wanting to visit KidZaniaManila. I find the place too far from ours, hence the resistance. But I hope now that husband is on leave, he could accompany us. Nice experience you had there.

    1. Hi Sis! Give in and visit KidZania! Your son will surely enjoy all the activities there.

  5. Cool! Will take my daughter in a few years hehe! This will be helpful for my friends who are thinking of bringing their kids there.thanks!

    1. Hi Madz, how your little one yes I agree wait until your child is about 4-5. Regards and Happy New Year.

  6. i can't wait till January for my kids' fieldtrip at Kidzania. I hope they'll have fun as much as your kids did. :)

    1. It would be nice if you bring your kid outside of his field trip ~to make the most out of KidZania . I am guessing the place would be crowded and queue will be long during field trips.

  7. I'd like to bring my kids there but I don't think na ma-aappreciate na nila agad coz they are still too young.. hehe.. I guess when they reach 6 years old and older :)

    1. Yes, I also think KidZania will be best for 5-9 age bracket.

  8. Wow! Your kids were able to do a lot of activities. My son just went there last Saturday with his Tito, cousin and Titas. He was only able to do few activitites coz they came late in the afternoon. He had a lot to say about the place and he'll definitely visit it again next year.

  9. my 10year old boy keeps on nagging me to bring him there, too. but because its too far from our place, we kept on postponing our date. now that husband is on holiday break, perhaps we could finally schedule a visit. seems your kids enjoyed their stay. :)

  10. my 10year old boy keeps on nagging me to bring him there, too. but because its too far from our place, we kept on postponing our date. now that husband is on holiday break, perhaps we could finally schedule a visit. seems your kids enjoyed their stay.

  11. My 5 year old was so happy when we went there!(: Good thing hindi crowded on Sundays.(:

  12. Wee Kidzania! I super love the concept! Hope they can open a branch in our neck of the woods haha

  13. Wow, Kidzania sounds awesome. I would love to bring my ZD boy there maybe when he is 5 years old or 6, I'm they will enjoy all the stuffs there. Introducing them the variety of activities :)

  14. My son enjoyed his day at KidZania Manila, too. He wasn't able to join the firefighters, though, and that's something he'll definitely do on our next visit.

  15. Super excited to bring my little girl there when she gets a bit older na. :)

  16. Hope we can visit one of these days :-) my son is 5 years old I dunno know if he will enjoy it he is into sports kasi

  17. I live in condo bgc nd I'm having a great time shopping here while working. Come you can bring your family and relatives here !


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