September 25, 2015


My son opted for a LEGOLAND Malaysia trip to celebrate his 7th Birthday.  We were there just last year, so planning this one was easy.  

The plan was simple, reach Malaysia via Singapore, stay overnight in LegoLand Malaysia (LLM) leave and stay one night at Sentosa in Singapore for a quick visit to Universal Studio.

Here is our itinerary:

Day 1 - LEGOLAND Malaysia - Water Park
  • 5am - Early flight from Manila to Changi Singapore
  • 10am - Arrive at Changi Airport
  • 11am - Travel to Legoland Johor Bahru, Malaysia via a pre-arranged private taxi.  We used SGMY taxi services, the same one we used in our last visit.  We had a very good experience hiring them last year ~ easy and really hassle free!
  • 1230pm - Arrived at LLM Hotel.  Check-in is at 4pm, so we just deposited our luggage and got our 2 days combo tickets. 


  • I pre-booked the LLM  Hotel and got the ticket via the LLM website.  The 2 days combo ticket allows multiple entries to both the LEGOLAND Themepark and LEGOLAND Waterpark for 2 consecutive days.
  • 1pm - Lunch at PanCake House at the Mall of Medini.
  • 2-5pm - LL Waterpark.  I packed our wetsuits and change of clothes in a separate bag, so we don't have to open our other luggage. We got a CABANA like we did before.

  • A half day cabana rental costs MYR180. Each cabana has two deluxe chair lounges and seating chairs, two complimentary towels, safe deposit box, mini refrigerator and a table.  It also has free wifi access, plus bottled water and soda.
(Check out our LL Waterpark trip from last year:  LLM Waterpark)       
  • 4pm  - Left the waterpark to check-in and rest for a while before dinner. The boys were tired from the early morning flight and swimming.


  • 6pm - Dinner at Burger King the Mall of Medini.
  • 7pm - Early retreat.  

Day 2 - LEGOLAND Malaysia - Theme Park

  • 8am - Breakfast at the Bricks

  • 930am - Off to LLM Theme park. The park opens at 10am, but LLM Hotel guests are allowed to enter 30 minutes earlier. Note: We had to check-out before leaving the hotel. Our bags were deposited at LLM Hotel's luggage storage. 
  • 6pm - Left LLM Hotel. I have arranged for an SGMY taxi pick-up at LLM and drop off at Movenpick Sentosa Singapore
  • 730pm -  Check-in at Movenpick Heritage Hotel our home for the night. Dinner was at the Imbiah Station, which is just across the hotel. 

Day 3 - Universal Studio Singapore (USS)
  • 830am -  Early check-out. Left our luggage at the hotel luggage storage for pick-up.  Before leaving we requested assistance from the concierge for a taxi booking at 330pm to take us to the airport.  
  • 9am - Breakfast at McDonald's Forum Mall, Resorts World

  • 10am - USS Theme park. I realize that USS is more enjoyable off peak season.  We were able to cover more rides this time, compared to our December USS trip, that considering we only stayed 5 hours this time (compared to our 9-9pm last time). 

  • 3pm - Left USS.
  • 330pm - On the dot, left the hotel for Changi for our late night flight.
  • 8pm - Flight back to Manila. 
It was a busy and fun packed 3 days at LLM and USS.  

I will post updates of our SG-MY 2015 trip on our budget and will try to provide additional tips, that hopefully will help you in planning yours.

Meanwhile, you can also check below blog post from our SG-MY trip from last December 2014: SINGAPORE-MALAYSIA ITINERARY 2014



  1. You just gave me an idea. Instead of throwing a party for my kiddo, we might as well take him to SG for his 7th birthday! ^-^

  2. Very hectic itinerary ah. I hope to visit Lego land when my daughter is old enough to enjoy the place.


    1. Legoland caters to mostly younger guests unlike the Universal Studio. I am sure your daughter will have fun ~ just the sight of the lego pool in the hotel lobby was enough to make little ones shriek and giggle with laughter. :P

  3. It was a fun adventure for the entire family and the partying startef the moment our plane took off. The boys enjoyed Legoland Malaysia more than they did USS in Singapore.

  4. I had my solo trip in sg two years ago but didnt have the chance to go to Malaysia. Kinulang na kasi ng oras. Thanks for this post, you gave me ideas on my next visit

    1. Hi mommy, you should return and do Malaysia too (Johor Bahru, where Legoland is located is just 1 1/2 by bus from Singapore. It is smooth ride. But you should bring your kids, since it is really a children's attraction.

  5. It's because the rides in legoland and more kid-friendly compared to the extreme rides in USS. im glad you had fun. We went to hello kitty town naman, also in jb, because it's more baby charley friendly. Thank you for sharing. :)

    1. My boys love Lego so enjoying a park with life sized lego blocks was a given. Yes I agree the Big Town is really for toddlers, though there were plenty of kiddie areas at Legoland too.

  6. Hope my family and I can can go there someday, too! :)

    1. Naku, time to start saving... It took a lot of saving for us, but the experience we got and the smile on my children's faces were all worth it.

  7. This is a helpful itinerary! I'm planning to take Geof somewhere next year :)

    1. Thanks. You can check out a more detailed itinerary of our Sg-My trip from last December. It was a 7 days vacation so we were able to go around Sg more. Here is the link, I hope you find it helpful:

  8. it's really nice to have an itinerary when you travel lalo na pag may kids

    1. Oh an itinerary is a must for us. Time is so much precious whenever you travel and you need to make good use of each second. Kids gets cranky mid afternoon so, we had to maximize our morning and lighter touring after (so I place museum and air-conditioned attraction later in the day).

  9. This will help us plan our family trip to Legoland Malaysia, too, soon. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Jampacked itinerary, just like how I do it with my kiddos too. Super relate

  11. I hope to visit Legoland too but when my 2nd child gets a li'l bigger na.


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