July 29, 2014

BDJ Box ~ Let the Beauty Begin (June 2014)

I was a little overwhelmed with this month's BDJ content.  After the previous month's heavy and full packed box,  I was expecting full sized samples this time. 
What I got are tiny sample sized products of an apparently expensive brand.  I hate sampler sizes, too small to test if they actually works for you.
This month's BDJ tie up is with an international brand ~ Benefit Cosmetics.   
Benefit's packaging and branding is quite edgy and obviously aimed at sassy, yet adventurous babes. Gazing through an accompanying brochure sure was an eye candy.
Now if only they were full-sized.  
I have seen and read the good reviews of other BDJ box's subscribers on June's package and I am a little apprehensive on how to pull this review off. 
So what's inside?
Inside my package are seven (7) Benefit's products.
  • Porefessional PRO Balm - 22ml costs P1600. The box has two (2) 3.0ml size balm.  This is supposed to help minimize pores and fine lines.  I have actually tested this one and it went straight to my cosmetic bag.  I love the fact that it is non greasy and leaves a silky finish.  Unfortunately I find it quite expensive, literally.
  • Fake Up Concealer- 3.5g costs P1600.  The sample is 0.5g.  The product guide says it helps conceal dark circles in your eye area.  I haven't tried it yet.
  • Big Easy- 35ml costs P2000.  The sample is 3.0ml.  It is a BB cream that moisturizes and controls oil on your skin.  I am a fan of BB creams and this one got me a little bit excited.  I already finished my sample, but I can't say if it worked or if it was any better than the existing brand I am using. 
  • Stay Flawless - 15.5g costs P1900. This product acts as a primer that helps your foundation to stay on for up to 15 hours.  This is next on my trial list.  
  • It's Potent - 14.2ml costs P1800.  Included in the box is a 3.0g sample. According to the product guide, this eye cream helps maintain and improve elasticity of the skin around your eyes.
  • Lollitint - 12.5ml costs P1700.  The sample is 2.5ml. This is a lips and cheeks candy-orchid (it is actually a lot like pink when I applied it on) tint that can last from day to night.  I used it twice, but it leaves a bad on my lips, I so it went back inside the box.
  • Benetint - 12.5ml costs P1700.  The sample is 2.5ml. This is also a lips and cheeks tint, but in rose  stain.  I really did not like the taste of the Lollitint and I am afraid this one tastes the same, so I haven't used it yet.  
Included in the box are two coupons: (1) a free makeupper and (2) a P300 brow wax service (with any product purchase).
I am not a fan of really expensive cosmetic brands, especially imported ones.  I often find US brands particularly quiet harsh on my skin and I sometimes doubt, if these were made for an Asian skin in mind. 
Having said that, however, for Benefit's Cosmetics, I could say the ones I have tested were gentle on my skin. But, due to the size of the samples, I can't really say if they worked well and if they were good enough to spend ludicrously amount of money on. 
I hope BDJ starts shipping full sized products for testing.  I feel, these tiny samples are so small and are just like freebies sales ladies handout to prospective customers.  
Sorry, but this month's BDJ was a let down.

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