July 28, 2012

Kowloon Park Hong Kong

Kowloon Park Hong Kong is a good 10 minutes walk from our YMCA Salisbury HK home.  Parks are plenty in Hongkong, but sad to say are often overlooked in a tourist' itinerary.

If you are in TST, I recommend a half day commune with nature in this beautifully well-kept park.

The park has a total area of 13.3 hectares, with a full range of active and passive recreational facilities open to the public. It has indoor swimming pool and sports center, mini soccer pitch, fitness trail, two playgrounds, numerous garden (maze garden, sculpture garden, colour garden, chinese garden) a birds lake, an aviary, plus conservation center.

the sculpture walk - displays various sculptures from renowned local and international artist.  Kung Fu exhibitions are held here from 230 to 430, Sundays. 

One of the many scuptures on display.

Found the aviary - finally!

Those are flamingos at the background.

Wanted to do some birdwatching, but the boys wanted to find the playground.

It was such a huge park and took us a while to find the playground.  It was ofcourse the highlight of this itinerary.  My husband and I finally got to relax underneath a shaddy tree, while the kids run about the playground.  So happy to note that the ground is rubber, so bruises falling down is quite unlikely.

The getting to know stage

There were very few people around, the place almost seemed private!

You will surely love this place, the only downside is you'll probably have to beg and bribe your kids to leave!!!

There is Mc Donald's kiosk inside the park.  It accepts payment via Octopus Card. 

The boys got floats!  Yummy...

Tried the maze too... can't hardly see my youngest from where I am (do you see his cap?)

It was unfortunate there was no Kung Fu schedule when we went there!  My boys would surely enjoy seeing a live Kung Fu exhibition.  Maybe next time. 

Kowloon Park is located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Contact Number: +852 2724 3344

To get there via MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Exit A1 or MTR Jordan Station, Exit C1, walk along Nathon Road towards Tsim Sha Tsui to Austin Road.


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