June 23, 2012

Hong Kond Disneyland Hollywood Hotel

It has been my 2nd time around in the Hong Kong Disneyland Hollywood Hotel and yet the excitement of being there still gets to me!!! 

Magic happens everytime you set foot in Mickey's abode :)

The HKDL Hollywood Hotel Lobby - Busy as can be...

The kids testing Mickey's beds :)  I told them this is Mickey's house - my boys especially my 3 year old were super thrilled!

The bar - complimentary coffe and tea

24-7 Mickey Mouse and Friends channel anyone?  My  kids slept with the TV remove.

the bathroom - with all Mickey themed toiletries (toothbrush, cups, shampoo container...)


The toothbrush and toothpaste are inside the cup, inside another cup and inside another smaller cup :)

I love HKDL Hollywood Hotel!!!

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