November 24, 2014

10 Worthwhile Gift Ideas from The Mind Museum

Are you looking for one-of-a-kind gifts for people closest to your heart?  

Here are 10 well thought off and worthwhile gift suggestions from The Mind Museum to help you:

1. A Scientific Date: Have an exciting fun filled day with your loved ones with an All Day Pass or gift certificate to The Mind Museum! Fuel your children’s interest in science and love for knowledge.
I can honestly say that this is a gift your children (and even your husband) will treasure and remember by.  

Read here, how science literally came to life in our last Mind Museum trip. 

(The Mind Museum All day passes is sold for only Php750) 
2. Name Stars after Your Loved Ones: Your honey will surely be delighted in seeing his/her name imprinted on the virtual stars that make up a constellation; Little ones, meanwhile would definitely find it amusing to have a specific kind of dinosaur from a virtual era in history named after him/her.
What’s more heart-warming is that all proceeds for this program go to supporting the various projects of The Mind Museum, such as giving free museum visits to public school kids.
(Virtual exhibits’ price ranges from Php1,000 to Php5,000, depending on your choice of show. For more information, visit
3. Mind Museum’s Unlimited Science Pass: Just imagine a year-round, all-day admission to the country’s first world-class science museum. This gift is perfect for your aspiring young scientist.
The Mind Museum’s Unlimited Science Pass also gives free admission to over 300 worldwide science museums, discounts on travelling exhibition tickets, birthday packages, and purchases inside The Mind Museum Store. This unli-pass also directly supports free museum passes for underprivileged kids. 
(For a group of four or more, avail the Unlimited Science Pass for only Php2,250/pax. Visit for more information)
4. All for Science, All for Love: Celebrate the holidays in a meaningful way, by sponsoring a trip for public school kids. Ask your family or friends to join you in spearheading this project to further enrich the sense of wonder of these young ones. The Mind Museum’s doors are open to help you plan and accomplish this advocacy of embracing and sharing the true spirit of the season. 
(To inquire about this project, please send your email to  

Inspire young minds, with the following gifts you can get from the Mind Museum Store:


5. Cool Statement Shirts: Let your friends “wear their wit” with design shirts that are exclusively available in The Mind Museum Store! These shirts come in different colors and are tastefully designed with vibrant graphics and statements that will truly make science a cool fashion statement of choice this holiday season. 
(Prices range from Php379.75 to Php499.75)
6. Puzzles, Papers, and PencilsInstead of those tired old notebooks or planners, try giving the young ones (or even your family and friends) funky Human Anatomy Notebook and Science Alphabet Notebook, paired with Puzzle Color Pencils  

(Human Anatomy Notebook and Science Alphabet Notebook are sold for only Php379.75, while Puzzle Color Pencils set is sold for only Php649.75.)
7. Own the Universe: Seize the universe, literally, through the Star Planetarium! This contraption projects 3D stars, planets, and constellations. It includes 3D glasses for a more mesmerizing virtual representation of what’s above and beyond the world we’re living in. 

(The Star Planetarium set is sold for only Php2,579.75.)
8. Un-earthen Dinosaurs: Your little paleontologist would be transported back in time to the era of dinosaurs with this special edition of Dino Excavation Kit.  Dig for bones hidden in the gypsum block, assemble them and enjoy your very own miniature dinosaur skeleton replica.

(The entire Dino Excavation Kit is sold for Php2,699.75.)

9. Tricks and Treats: Put fun in learning through playing cards, such as “What’s GNU?” and “Hyperswipe!” (What’s GNU deck costs Php9,49.75 while the Hyperswipe set costs Php1,349.75.)

10. Build Your Own, Learn on Your Own: Teach your young ones the basics of gardening, without having to worry about landscaping your backyard, with innovative plant miniatures!

Learn about Sweet Leaf, which grows leaves used as a natural substitute for sugar; Mini-Melons that will actually produce sweet mini cantaloupes in less than 2 months; or get really out-of-this-world with the Curious George Outer Space Adventure Garden that will allow your young ones to experiment right in their own mini pots! 
(Sweet leaf and Mini-melons cost Pho829.75 each while the Curious George Outer Space Adventure Garden is sold for Php1,229.75.)

Make this holiday season more meaningful for your children, for inquiries visit The Mind Museum today. 


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