September 8, 2014

BA-WAL: Mga Dulang BAgong luWAL (Katre/Over My Dead Body)

I am delighted to have been invited, to a play written by a talented young man, Christian Tordecillas.  He has a gift for developing simple storylines into socially relevant plays.  His last play "Dyip" (Jeep) won him the Palanca Award in 2006.
I had the pleasure of seeing his latest masterpiece "KATRE" last September 7.

"KATRE" is one of the two plays featured in "BA-WAl: Mga Dulang BAgong LuWAL" of Project Mayheim, a production outfit supporting works of up and coming playwrights.

KATRE, is a tragic story  of a young wife and mother named Lea, who anguished the disappearance of her family.

I was truly  impressed, at how easily the play was able to translate such an utterly heavy social issue, "desaparecidos"  into words and actions that connects to it's viewers.   The audience was one with the main protagonist as she battles her sorrow, fear and despair.

The simplicity of the set and the intimate size of the venue, helped the play succeed in introducing to audience the real victims of this injustice, the ones left behind! 

The second is a comedy titled, OVER MY DEAD BODY, written by Christian Dagsil, was a perfect balance to Katre's heavy drama.   The over the top comical performance was hilarious. 

It was enjoyable seeing these talented young artists at work. 

Bravo and well done!

Let us support Philippine Theater, catch Katre and Over My Dead Body at the Room 3, ISO Complex Ateneo de Manila Campus on the following dates: September 13 (7 pm), 14 and 15 (3 and 7pm).

You may email for shows and ticket inquiries.


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