February 2, 2014

Glamour Box - SNOE's Special Edition (January 2014)

Glamour Box took a while to have this one delivered to my door step.  Unlike my December 2013 subscription, which surprisingly came early, I got my January box end of the month.  
You can just imagine huge grin on my face, when I finally received my loot!  And oh, was it heavy... really excited I finally got it! 
This month's subscription is a tie-up with SNOE products.
When Glamour asked me if I wanted the SNOE subscription,
I thought they meant "SNOW" and it was probably an acronym for "Special Nd Owsome, Wee" or something... Opps! 
I found out later that SNOE  (and not snow) is a Filipino brand of beauty products.  
My heavy glamour box!

My box contains seven (7) items (no fillers this time).

  • Hair Heroes - Full size 250ml cost P599.  The guide card says it cleanses your hair and body without irritating.  I guess this fits my sensitive skin just perfect, however, I must admit it is rather pricey.  I have used it twice or thrice already, and my hair seems the same to me (maybe I should finish the whole bottle then re-write this portion after)!

  • Two (2) Beauty Bars (in Organic Papaya and Licorice) - Full size 150g cost P139each.  I have been using the Organic Papaya for a week now and I am liking it.

  • Body Ritual Recipe - Full size 150g cost P249.  It is a hydrating moisturizing lotion, infused with vitamin E, papaya extract and is SPF15.  I haven't tried this one yet, but it smells real nice and I am excited to try it on soon.

  • Fizzy clean - Full size 50ml price P179.  It is quite expensive for a foaming hand sanitizer, but it smells real good and leaves your hands soft and moisturized. 

  • Magic Besobalm - Full size 4g at P299.  Now this, I love the most.  It is a mentholated lip balm, that tints your lips red/pink as soon as you apply it on. I am definitely sold and will be buying this product again for sure.

  • Poudre Extraordinaire - Full size 35g at P799.  It is a mineral face powder that is also supposed to protect the skin from radicals.  Tempting, but it was a sampler size?  Would probably last you 2-3 applications only.  I really hate sampler sizes.  I haven't given this a try yet, but should be good given the price.

Glamour boxes are really cool. Seven items worth close to P2000 for a little over P500 is a very good deal indeed!

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