May 13, 2013

Vigan Itinerary (3D/2N)

Part 2 of our North Luzon road trip is Vigan City.

Day 1 (Maundy Thursday)
  • 10am - Left Baguio (we were hoping to reach Vigan by 2 pm via the Naguilian-Bauang La Union Road) 
  • 12nn - Stopped for lunch at Rose Bowl in La Union
  • 3pm -  Lovely pristine Suso Beach, Sta. Maria Ilocos Sur stop over
  • 4pm - Finally Vigan City after 6 hours (4 hours trip obviously is just a wishful thinking if you travel on a Holy Week). Check in at Hotel Felicidad
  • 5pm - Dinner at Hidden Garden (went there via a kalesa - it would be faster by tricycle, but I wanted my kids to experience the kalesa ride).  We requested manong kalesa to wait for us, since it was already dark and ride back might be difficult.
  • 7pm - Calle Crisologo
  • 8pm - Coffe and dessert at Dulcelise
  • 9pm - Back to base

Day 2 (Good Friday)
  • 8am - Hotel breakfast
  • 9am - Baluarte tour
  • 11am - Heritage River Cruise (the place was closed when we got there, we contented ourselves to taking pictures with the bancas as our backdrop)
  • 1130am - Rowilda's Handloom Weaving (best place to buy your abel products)
  • 12nn - Lunch as Uno Grille
  • 2pm - Back to base to freshen up
  • 5pm - Plaza Salcedo and Vigan Cathedral to watch the procession of saints
  • 7pm - Calle Crisologo (AGAIN...)
  • 8pm - Irene's Empanada (we had take out empanada; Ordered coffee and dessert at My Coffee - place is airconditioned, I guess that would explain why we decided to settle here instead!)
  • 9pm - Back to base 

Day 3 (Black Saturday)
  • 8am - Hotel breakfast
  • 9am - Pahabol kalesa tour around Vigan
  • 10am - Early check out from Hotel Felicidad
  • 1030am - Bantay Church and Bantay Tower stop over before bidding Vigan goodbye
  • 11am - Off to Manila
  • 1pm - Late lunch at Kubong Sawali, Bauang La Union  
  • 3pm - Stop over at the Basilica Minor of Our Lady of Charity, Agoo Pangasinan
  • 5pm - Bagsakan, Villasis Pangasinan (we went fruits and vegetable crazy and filled our car with as much farm produce it can carry).
  • 530pm - Dinner at Jollibee Villasis (we had to eat dinner early or the kids might fall asleep and miss dinner totally)
  • 9pm - NLEX finally (traffic was so bad...did I say bad?  I mean really BAD!!!).

If we had time, we would definitely head off to Laoag.

I promised myself to see Ilocos Norte in the future,  but next time we would probably just take a plane and save ourselves some precious time.  The road trip was a good bonding experience with the kids, but to get the most out of your vacation - travel by plane is recommended!!!


  1. I agree to travel by plane. We visited this place two years ago. I chose plane because I hate long travel by land. We were able to visit Laoag, Vigan and Pagudpud in 4 days. :)

    1. Hi Michi, thanks for visiting. We hope to do Pagudpod and Laoag next time. My husband went to Laoag for business engagement early this year and he kept on talking about how clean and beautiful Laoag is.

  2. Never been to Vigan, must be a sight to see since it's been named one of the wonder cities of the world... I think.

    1. You should visit Vigan. It is really a beautiful city.

  3. i'm jealous, haven't been to vigan... this is one of my must see places though.... maybe when my daughter is older na and we can enjoy joy ride with her :)

  4. Haven't been to Vigan yet but my in-laws already made plans for the whole family to spend Christmas vacay there. Lucky me! :D

  5. I would love to go to Vigan. Roadtrip lang kasi I loooooooove being on the road. :)

  6. haven't been to Vigan yet. One of the things I have on the list is to travel the must see places way up north.

  7. Looks like a really busy day here :) I've been to Vigan too and vowed to return. But yes, okay din ang plane though it can be difficult to move around and hop from one place to another without a personal car.

  8. Thanks for sharing your itinerary. My mom and sister went on a trip to Vigan just last month and they told me I should go and bring my kids.

  9. I haven't visited Vigan yet but I've heard so many good things about it. The long land ride does not sound appealing to me however. Will have to add it to my list, but by plane! Hehe

  10. Traveling by plane is always recommended. :) I've never been to La Union but would be there next year for a wedding coverage! Exciting!

  11. Uff! This reminded me of my family's cancelled trip to Vigan in 2012. Naiwan kami ng airplane. Haha.

  12. I want to visit Vigan with my family too. Unfortunately my husband doesn't like to travel lalo na pag sobrang haba ng byahe. I hope we can go there by plane soon.

  13. We were there last year :) We had fun riding the kalesa, but the horse was kawawa because me and my loveydovey are very heavy. lol


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