February 12, 2012

Bohol Country Side Tour - Part II

The LOBOC RIVER CRUISE is the highlight of our Bohol Country Side Tour!  We feasted on an eat-all-you can buffet lunch on board the cruise, while our eyes explored the beautiful Loboc River - all for P400 (we paid P800, the kids were free of charge). Every penny was worth it.

What to expect:

(a)  Buffet lunch (with one round of soft drinks)
(b)  On cruise entertainment (Boholanos are very good musicians)
(c)  Cruise along the Loboc River
(d)  Mini-cultural presentation (mid-way the Loboc River)

One of the many floating restaurants,  cruising the Loboc River
Choosing the restaurant could be a bit tough!  There were plenty to choose from.

The boarding platform could be a bit slippery.  Be careful with your steps.

The Main Event (Buffet Lunch).  I suggest you come early and eat before the Cruise begins, so you could enjoy the scenery better.

TIP: For the best view,  get the front most seats!

The Loboc River, pretty amazing :)

One of the local tourists shows the cultural dancers, the right way to do Tinikling!

 If visiting Loboc Bohol,  suggest you check out Loboc tourism website at www.lobocboholtourism.com.

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