February 11, 2012

Bohol Country Side Tour - Part I

On our 2nd Day in Bohol, the family took a guided Country Side Tour. 

Included in the package are the following"

  • Blood Compact Site
  • Baclayon Church
  • Prony, the Python in Albur (We skipped this part! I was not so thrilled seeing one.)
  • Tarsier 
  • Loboc River Cruise (lunch will be served during the River Cruise)
  • Sipatan Hanging Bridge
  • Man-made Forest
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Chocolate Hills in Carmen
  • Aproniana Souvenir Shop

  • We left Panglao at 8am.  We started early, to cover more grounds and make the most of our Country Side tour.

    First stop was the BLOOD COMPACT SITE.  Not much to see here, but the view at the background is magnificent! 

    It was good we were there early, since right after we left, a bus-load of foreigners came rushing to the shrine.

     Next in our agenda is Bohol's pride CHOCOLATE HILLS. The kids enjoyed the way up the top via the scenic route...  It was fun!

    Lovely right? 

    The steeper route going to the top!  I do not recommend for those with faint of heart
    (or anybody with kids ages 3 and 7 in tow)!

    My eldest had fun on our next stop, the BUTTERFLY FARM.  This tour is like an educational field trip.  It was quite informative indeed (but not at all boring)

    My eldest loved this trick shot.  The butterfly is encased in a clear glass frame, then he was made to stand across the otherside of the framed butterfly... ingenious!

    I was truly impressed with our next tour stop, the MAN MADE FOREST.   The Boholonos must be real proud of what they have created here! 

    We were rushing back and forth - to the side street and back to the road in order to take these pictures. 

    Following the Man Made Forest, we were dopped off at the  SIPATAN HANGING BRIDGE
    I was a bit scared,  the bridge looks old and rusted and its swinging (side to side).

    I was so proud of my kiddos in crossing the hanging bridge.

    On the other side of the bridge are stalls selling various Bohol souvenirs (pasalubong). 
    Surprisingly, goods sold here are about the cheapest I have seen in Bohol. Quality of goods sold, however, was  better at Aproniana Gift Shop (and expectedly a lot more expensive).
    My son, singing his heart out using his new guitar, which we got from one of the souvenir shops at the Hanging Bridge!

    Before heading to pasalubong shopping at Aproniana,  we dropped by BACLAYON CHURCH.  According to locals,  the face of Father Pio miraculously became imprinted on the outside walls of the Church.  

    Do you see the face of Padre Pio.  I do not see the connection though 
    (What is the face of Padre Pio doing on the church's walls?)! 

    Inside the Baclayon Church!  This church is real old.  There is an adjoining museum, which you would be able to access for a minimal fee. You may skip it, unless you are really into antiques church artifacts!

    I have written separate entries on the TARSIERS, LOBOC RIVER CRUISE and APROANIANA.  Please see our Bohol Country Side Tour - Part II.

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